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By Wick Fisher
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Can't we all just get along?

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I woke up this morning to see if I had any Facebook posts to answer concerning the upcoming funeral for my brother-in-law. The first thing to hit my eyes made me feel sick. It was a caricature of Donald Trump taking a leak on Hillary Clinton. I replied to the post, “Is this what we have come to in America? We urinate on the people we disagree with?”

I also felt compelled to post my thoughts on my own Facebook page for all of my friends to see, “Dear Rodney King: America sits on the brink of electing either a misogynistic white supremacist who represents the 1% or a vilified opportunist who also represents the 1%. Meanwhile we, the people, argue among ourselves about who is worse. Cops are still killing blacks and blacks are still killing cops. No, Rodney King, I am sorry to say ‘We can't just all get along.’"

I had planned to write the eulogy for my recently departed brother-in-law. Maybe it was best I read Facebook first. Funerals are a time for healing. America will very publicly begin having funerals this week. We will bury five police officers in Dallas who were cowardly cut down by the misplaced anger of a delusional man who just couldn’t take it anymore. We will bury yet again more black men whose lives were cut short by the misplaced fear and anger of a few rogue officers who were asked to protect citizens from this very violence.

Following the incident in Ferguson, Missouri, two years ago, we expected things to get better. In reality, since that time and despite the fact that more officers have been prosecuted for questionable shootings, the number of black men killed by police officers has risen. The number of police officers killed in the line of duty has also risen. Things have not improved and very few Americans actually believe they will. We have a candidate for president who is so into himself he can’t even recognize that his racist, misogynistic, divisive behavior is exactly what is killing our country. At least he is an equal opportunity offender. The man offends everyone not named Donald Trump, no matter their race, creed or color. His opposing candidate is so opportunistic at seeking the top office she will do or say anything to get elected. Neither way is a path to healing or to serving our country.

America is divided in half to an extreme as great as that faced by King Solomon. We are at our Solomon moment. Do we take up the sword and split the baby in half? Or can we, as a society, garner the wisdom of Solomon and the strength of Atlas to lay down the sword and uncage the doves of peace to lead us to the togetherness we will need if America is to survive as a nation?

Today I am an optimistic person who is drowning in a sea of pessimism.


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