By Wick Fisher
Moose Lake Star Gazette 

With luck, the last garage sale

Wick's World


The house is sold and as of June 3 the residents of Sunny Beach Road in Moose Lake will have new neighbors. I will let the buyers settle in and they can live out their story. Remember, I am the guy who had “The 6th Annual FINAL 4th of July Party” before we sold our place. We learned in the long run, if you are lucky, everything works out the way it should. We got what we wanted for our home, including the couple who fell in love with the place and called it “their dream home on the lake.”

All we really have left to sell are our antiques. We have my wife’s grandmother’s functioning ice box. She not only used it, but so did my wife and I when we lived in the log cabin with no running water or electricity. We also have her mother’s 1929 Kiel table radio. The last time we tried, it was still working in the early 1970s. The many antiques we still have generated the most interest from our ad in the Evergreen.

With any luck, this could be our last garage sale. If not, let’s hope the next one is as fun and as successful as this. I plan to keep writing my column, “Wick’s World,” and although I am still affiliated with the Star-Gazette/Evergreen, entirely by my own undoing I promoted our antiques but somehow failed to advertise for my garage sale. I really began to worry about it when the early birds were limited to the neighbors and Bart and Julie, my two South Dakota friends who seem to help with our every move.

At 8:22 a.m. the first customers arrived. Then they came in droves. Soon they evaporated as fast as whipping the dew off a lily. It went that way all day long. Bart and Julie, garage sale aficionados from Sioux Falls, said that’s how it works. They claimed they often followed the same people around from garage sale to rummage sale to yard sale. That theory worked out so well for us I raised my original goal from a hundred bucks to two and then three hundred. The final tally: 350 smackers! The amazing part is the fact we accomplished this with most items priced at a quarter. We agreed pricing in increments of a quarter simplified the math and the making of change as there were no nickels or dimes to deal with.

The sale was so much fun I decided to give out awards. The garage sale awards are as follows:

BEST CUSTOMER FIND: First edition “Gone with the Wind” ($0.50). The young lady who found it exclaimed, “The only one I am missing!”

MY BEST FIND: My 1971 first edition hardcover “Doonesbury” in the leftovers on the way to the thrift store.

MY MOST EXCITING NEW FRIEND: Meeting my editor’s mother.

MY MOST EXCITING OLD FRIEND: Neighbor Betty Lehet whom I haven’t seen for a long time. I still owe her suet ... for over 20 years.

MY MOST CONSISTENT OLD FRIEND: Lois Duffy who was always there before, during and after the sale. We will miss her the most.


BEST $$ CUSTOMER: Crazy Mary, Bruno, $18.75 total sales.

BEST CUSTOMER FREE PILE: Crazy Mary, Bruno, totally filled her Honda.

LEAST $$ CUSTOMER: Several from the free pile and many at $0.25.

WORST MOMENT: Walking into the woods and exiting with a severe case of poison ivy.

BEST MOMENT: Finding a pair of pileated woodpeckers in same woods as the poison ivy and listening to their song as a smoky pink moon rose over the lake.

It’s been a great ride and we will miss the magic.


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