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Breakdown slows school construction


Dan Lingle

The breakdown of the big crane's motor has delayed the installation of exterior wall panels for the elementary wing of the new school.

The breakdown of the big crane's motor has delayed the installation of exterior wall panels for the elementary wing of the new school, Brian Durand of Boldt Construction told the Moose Lake School Board at a working meeting on Monday, April 11.

"The project is moving along well," he said. "It has been a battle keeping the road and work site clean because of the mud. But we should get a break at the end of the week when it warms up.

"We will be installing a temporary chain link fence for security reasons when the soil dries out."

Bids on several projects will be opened on Thursday, April 14, said Durand.

Jerry Kraft of JTH Lighting Alliance demonstrated the new stage lighting system that will be installed in the new auditorium.

"We are now in 2016, not in 1988," he said. "There will no longer be a need for a dimmer rack. The new lighting system is LED-based."

Different intensities of red, green and blue can be mixed on a mixer board, Kraft showed in a demonstration. Some of the lights will light the scenery to create sunsets or other special effects, he said. Other lights will be set to enhance the skin tones of the people on stage.

When the desired lighting effect is achieved, the arrangement can be recorded in the system and used again during another performance of a similar type, such as band and choir concerts, said Kraft.

"The person who is at the controls can set up the proper lighting without having to use the sliders on the board," he added.

Kraft said he or a colleague will train the staff on how to operate the lighting system.

Three hoists will also be installed to lift the lighting apparatuses into position. The hoists have automatic stops if something isn't right, he pointed out.

Scott Sosalla of Architectural Resources Inc. (ARI) distributed the latest plans for the new school and athletic fields on the site, the entrances that would be controlled by a card key, bleacher plans, revised locker room plans and plans for the different types of flooring.

Adequate space for parking, especially for events, was a concern of many of the board members.

"We'll have 29 spots for Early Childhood, 219 for general parking and the 12 spaces for the buses," said Sosalla. There are 26 spots in the overflow parking on the road in back of the school, and 182 spots on the grass parking lot. Those total 486."

Superintendent Robert Indihar said there are 190 parking spaces on the school grounds now, with spaces on the streets. Board member Jamie Jungers said he has counted 100 cars parked on the streets during school events.

It was suggested more parking space may be available near the bus garage.

Key cards will be issued to staff to be used at entrances that will be locked during the day.

"The entrances will be open in the morning when the kids are coming to school and in the late afternoon when the kids leave the school," said Sosalla. "We can set up different types of open entrances for event management."

Bleachers will be located on each side of the large gym, creating seating for 731 people, Sosalla said. There will also be 17 bar stools by the window in the commons area overlooking the gym.

The small gym will have bleachers on one side for 140 people.

The bleachers will be motorized to be moved out of the way for certain events.

Sosalla gave the board members a sample sheet with the various colors of bleachers available. He asked the board choose the color and design they want. He also gave them samples of colors for hallway lockers.

The locker room layout has been modified to include changing rooms. All of the showers will be private, there will be no group showers.

"No one will have to be undressed in the locker room," said Sosalla.

Supt. Indihar pointed out this is the time to address transgender facilities.

"There is no law or statute right now," he pointed out. "We are trying to solve the problem before it is a problem. There are some advantages to this plan."

Sosalla said there is a family bathroom in the plan for the school but not in the locker room area.

There was discussion about the storage area for football equipment. It was said it should be a storage area for the team sport of the season. A storage place should be found for equipment for off-season sports.

Flooring in the auditorium and other areas will be stained concrete, said Sosalla. It would not be painted with epoxy paint, as had been discussed in the past. The scene shop, industrial shops and mechanical areas will also have concrete floors. All concrete floors will be sealed.

The kitchen will have ceramic quarry tile on the floor and the gyms will have wooden floors.

There was discussion about tiles for the classrooms compared to carpet.

"I would like to see carpet in the elementary wing," said Sosalla. "Carpet tile has changed. It doesn't grow mold and it cuts down on the noise."

Supt. Indihar said the custodial supervisor also favors carpet and said it would be less expensive to maintain over a life of 20 years.

Paul Olson, an elementary teacher, said he and most of the teachers also favor carpet.

Sosalla said the board needs to make decisions about many of the items he presented real soon, as those items are scheduled to be ordered in the near future.

Cost estimates were needed for the board to make decisions, it was said.

Board chair Kris Lyons pointed out that space needed to be reserved for tennis courts. Tennis courts are located on the school property currently and a lot of people use them, she added.

Space for a soccer field is also needed. Cost estimates for a practice football field and a football field for games, with lighting, were needed. Baseball and softball fields are shown on the site plan.

Sosalla said he just received cost estimates for water and sewer lines to the school before the meeting. The cost estimate for the sewer line was $91,500, and for the water line was $28,500. He said those estimates did not deduct for the school to use the pipe already owned by the city, as it was not the correct size.

A future working board meeting will be set at the monthly meeting of the board on Monday, April 18, it was said.


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