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By Wick Fisher
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Very little middle ground with Trump

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A year from now President Trump will have been in office for one month. By then he will surely have himself anointed as king. What remains to be seen is how the story will play out after that point in history. What is certain is our president or king will still utter remarks as ridiculous as, “I will build a wall,” and, “The wall just got 10 feet taller.”

On Monday morning, Trump’s failure to repudiate David Duke, the professed KKK leader, conveniently changed to, “They gave me a faulty ear microphone.”

This comes from a man wealthy enough to buy the presidency, but can’t seem to assure a workable earpiece. This gives testament as to why such a rich guy would walk around with a hairwad looking like a bleached crow’s nest. Along with cheap talk, he deals in cheap merchandise.

That means The Donald will need good advisers and the sooner the better. Here’s my unsolicited advice for him. I am also a boasting follicly-challenged dome bearer, minus the billion dollars or so. I wisely put my thousands into hearing aids and left the top of my head alone. I like to think it leaves more room for my brain cells to work. You should try it, Donald.

Hairwads have no appeal to me, but that has very little to do with my distaste for soon-to-be King Trump. I actually have no problem with kings. My problem is not with Trump’s hair, but his vision. Our country can tolerate a king, but only a benevolent one. Rather than simply bragging, “Everyone loves me,” most of this man’s benevolence has been aimed at Trump Towers, Trump Casinos, The Trump Empire or as America will soon become, “The Kingdom of Trump.”

Like former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, Donald Trump has a huge loathing for the media. Also like Ventura, it is the media who will get him elected. Trump plays the media like a fiddle and he is great at it. He doesn’t need to dip into his billions for advertising. The media has given him far more coverage than the rest of the Republican candidates combined. Once Trump stepped into the ring, he opened his mouth and threw a few punches at his opponents. The fight was over. The media loves him as much as a certain hard core percentage of the electorate. Trump will write their story for them.

Trump is one of those guys you either love or hate. There is very little middle ground with this man. Why do I think he will be our next president? Let’s face it. The man is unstoppable in the race as the Republican nominee. If indeed he should somehow be denied the party’s endorsement at the Republican Convention, he will undeniably run as an Independent or create a third party, which in his world could only be called “The Trump Party.” A three-way race would only benefit the Washington outsider who could capture the ilk of those fed up with the obstructionist gridlock America has found itself in for the past decade.

You may ask, why not the Democrats? No. 1, a self-proclaimed Socialist can win in Vermont, but not in America. Bernie Sanders will not even be able to win the endorsement of his own party. If he goes third party, same result — Trump wins.

That leaves Hillary, the Democrat’s candidate carrying more baggage than an airport handler. Republicans will pillory Hillary to their heart’s content. Unfortunately for her, it’s not that America is not ready for a female president; it’s that America is not ready for another Clinton in Washington. Jeb Bush learned that lesson way sooner than anyone expected.

The election is certain to be close whether it’s a Democrat versus a Republican or a three-way race. Either way, Trump has the advantage come early November. Why, you may ask? My prediction is his secret weapon (the hairwad) will push him to victory. Halloween always falls on October 31. One week before we elect a new president, Donald Trump’s face (and hair) will be creeping around every bar and house party in America and the 18- to 30-year-old vote will be a foregone conclusion. Unquestionably, the No. 1 mask for Halloween 2016 will be The Hairwad himself. You can’t buy publicity like that. You don’t have to.


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