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By Wick Fisher
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Some stuff you can't make up

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There’s some stuff you just can’t make up. I know this story to be true because it happened to my son and his fiancé. They took a flight from San Diego, California, to Tampa, Florida, to join our extended family of 16 for a week-long holiday bash. The flight included a layover in Atlanta, Georgia.

Two hours after departing San Diego, chaos broke out on the plane. The ensuing saga is worthy of inclusion in Chuck Shepherd’s “News of the Weird,” and the story may very well end up there. The story as it appears on Facebook is best told in their own words.

“When we flew to Florida we had a layover in Atlanta. Two hours into the flight the crew puts out a call for any medical personnel on the plane to help with a medical emergency. Luckily there was not one, but two medical staff on the flight.

"They were back there the entire two hours that was left on the flight. They pulled out much of their medical equipment, including the gas tank and even had to hook up a communication box that entailed using an extension cord along the entire length of the plane. We're all hoping everything is OK back there because it seems very serious.

"By the way, we were sitting in the very last seat on the plane. Right before touch down the flight attendant asks Austin to move up three seats where the man was originally sitting and let him sit in his seat. This must be for safety reasons so the man doesn’t fall since there was a lot of turbulence. We finally land and we find out the big medical emergency was that the man consumed a marijuana edible cookie and got high out of his mind and started freaking out. The reason they had him switch seats with Austin is because the guy snitched on the seatmate who gave the pot cookie to him. Austin ended up sitting next to the guy who was (eventually) escorted off the plane by security.”

My son was sitting next to the guy who was also having a panic attack (the one who supplied the cookie; not the novice who ate a tiny piece and totally freaked out). He got the full story of what happened including the part that the guy had never tried marijuana before.

"So the story goes like this.

“'The dude asks me what I’m eating and I tell him it’s my medical marijuana so I can sleep on the flight. He keeps bugging me to try some so I finally give him a tiny 50-cent size piece. Next thing I know, the dude starts freakin’ out! I knew the idiot had fingered me when the stewardess came this way.'

"With a cross between a smirk and a grin on her face, the stewardess said, 'OK, give me your marijuana. You know we've got cops waiting for you.'"

My son said the nervous trembling guy handed over a cookie to the stewardess, all the while mumbling, “Idiot, idiot.”

The "Panic Brothers" were the first two escorted from the plane only to be greeted by fire trucks, ambulances and cop cars, all with sirens roaring and lights flashing. A federal marshal met the cookie monster (supplier) while four medical personnel met the cookie eater (idiot). Meanwhile, as the other passengers were held up in the back of the airplane, my son is inundated as to, “What the heck just happened?”

He told the passengers in the back of the plane the whole story as he knew it. They uproariously laughed about this expensive, idiotic episode that was taken much more seriously by TSA than it was by the passengers; and, according to my son, the stewardesses.

The best Facebook quotes: “He couldn’t handle the Highness!”

The one that said it best: “If you know you are not about that life, why would you try that sh-- 30,000 feet in the air?” Exactly!

Some holidays were enhanced; at least two were ruined.


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