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Four arrested for Sturgeon Lake armed burglary


Four people are facing several felony counts each following a burglary incident in Sturgeon Lake last week in which guns were drawn on the homeowners.

The incident happened in the early morning hours on Anchorage Place in Sturgeon Lake in which four people went to the home. Two of those arrested knew one of the home occupants, who previously had bailed them out of jail.

Arrested were Erika Tatiana Gould, 25 of Brook Park; Quintin Bradley Andersen, 35 of Montrose; Gabriel Lee Rocha, 38; and Danika Renae Harrell, 27.

According to the charging complaint, at approximately 5 a.m. on December 28, Gould and Harrell went to the home and asked if they could come in to smoke marijuana. The women were told no, but came back shortly thereafter with the two men, Andersen and Rocha, both of them brandishing handguns. The couple was tied up with duct tape and cords together. Rocha then pointed the gun at the couple, while the other three ransacked the home, the criminal complaint said. Rocha also allegedly held a torch near the woman's foot, and said he would burn her, unless they told them where all the property was located in the home. Stolen items from the residence included laptop computers, cell phones, money, the hard drive for their surveillance system, and an engagement ring, along with two car titles.

While the couple was tied up, two of the burglary suspects also drove to Hermantown, where they found cash in a storage unit rented by one of the home occupants.

After the four people left, the homeowners were able to free themselves, and left the home in search of help since all of their phones were stolen. The man discovered that his car, a 2003 BMW, had been stolen.

A Chisago County deputy located the stolen car in Stacy, and performed a traffic stop, in which Andersen and Gould were both taken into custody.

Gould faces additional charges for attempting to hide contraband, including methamphetamine, in a body cavity, which was discovered while she was being processed into the Pine County Jail.

Gould, in a statement to authorities, said the four were driving around St. Paul earlier that evening and about 2:30 a.m., talked about driving north. She said the reason why she wanted to go to the home was that she wanted to talk to the victim about when she would pay him back for bailing her out of jail for an earlier case. She also said that Rocha pointed the gun at her and that she and Harrell both went to Hermantown in search of money in the storage facility, while Andersen and Rocha were still in the home. Video evidence at the storage facility backs up that claim.

Rocha's bail was set at $1 million based on an extensive criminal history. In a 2009 case, Rocha was hired by a Minneapolis man to give him a tattoo. Since Rocha did not have a tattoo studio, he worked on the man at his own home. According to trial testimony, Rocha and other men entered the home to steal items in late October 2009. Rocha beat the man in the face with a handgun approximately 20 times in this incident, and tied up his hands and feet with an electrical cord. In July 2010, the trial, where charges included first-degree robbery and second-degree assault, was held. In this case, he was found guilty on both counts and sentenced to 90 months in prison.

Andersen's bail was set at $750,000 without conditions, $500,000 with conditions. Gould's bail was set at $300,000 without conditions, $150,000 with conditions. Harrell is also in custody but has not been officially charged.


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