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By Wick Fisher
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A fine outstanding productive citizen

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Following last week's column concerning my disastrous train wreck on an early morning Boulevard in Austin, Texas, I would like to show that, for the most part, I eventually turned into a fine outstanding productive citizen. Let's take a look at my better side.

I never drive impaired, I never speed (for the most part), I signal when changing lanes (for the most part ), and I always say "Yes, sir; yes, madam" to people in authority.

Although I don't attend a formal church, I pray daily; mostly giving thanks that my mom no longer forces me to attend church. It's just that dear old mom thought that God is inside the church and I insisted that God is outside in nature. We are probably both correct.

I served my country when called upon. For the most part, that was a good thing. I also protested against my country when I felt our policies and priorities were out of whack. For the most part, that was a good thing.

I married, had three great sons and numerous careers — all good things. I spent most of my working life serving others. With a college degree in Cultural Anthropology and Social Work, I felt well-armed to serve the world. My lengthy tenure attaining my degrees included waiting tables at fancy restaurants. I served people by serving food. It wasn't exactly a career choice, but it did give me valuable training in dealing with humans and life in general.

My various careers in public service total close to 30 years beginning with a two-year stint in the United States Army. Throughout the years, I have worked for the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Commerce, the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the United States Postal Service. I also served for a year as head librarian at a Native American school.

The most rewarding aspect of service for me is the non-monetary rewarding dedication to helping others in life. My serving as volunteer at my local nursing home was not only rewarding but a lot of fun. Whether it was heading to the casinos or Walmart or going out to dinner, entertaining the senior citizens left me with lasting memories.

This morning I am sitting on an airplane pondering an upcoming week at a retreat in the mountains of New Mexico. For the past 20 years I have dedicated a couple of weeks annually to the youth of our country. My reward comes this week. I will be seeing 150 adults and youth with whom I have worked with either as a mentor or teacher.

To have a young adult walk up to you and say,"Thank you for what you did for me. It changed my life."

I hope they meant that it was for the better. This work is not exactly like volunteering at the local nursing home, preparing people for their journey to the next world. It's more like volunteering at the nursing home of youth preparing them for their next journey in this life.


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