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Cemetery encroaches on private property


“This is the line everybody thought was there,” said Mayor Tom Jensen. But the line wasn’t correctly placed, as discussed at the Willow River City Council meeting, Monday, July 6.

Jensen was referring to the line between the city cemetery and the late Angie Anderson’s property off of Lake Street.

As surveyor Bill Hayden examined Anderson’s former residence in preparation for sale, he realized the city’s cemetery encroached on 10 feet of her land.

“Our stretch of tombstones and burials are in the property of Angie Anderson’s,” said Jensen.

The encroachment was not purposeful and was a result of “presumed boundaries” at the time of expanding the cemetery many years ago.

The council remains in talks with Hayden and Rick Herzog, the representative of Anderson’s estate, who were not present at the meeting for comment. Their hope is to have the small stretch of land deeded over to the city for a relatively quick and efficient resolution for all parties affected.

Water and sewer update

John Mikrot, city worker, recently jetted sewer pipes throughout one-third of the city. Though overall the process went smoothly, Mikrot mentioned an issue with flushing “Handi Wipes.” These wipes, he said, don’t break down and cause more serious problems down the road.

Councilor Sheldon Johnson asked Mikrot how often the pipes are jetted. “One-third of the town is down each year,” or once every three years. Mikrot continued by saying the Minnesota League of Cities highly recommends this frequency for maximum performance.

Other business

The council received and heard from members of the Sturgeon Lake Township. Members Dale Alberg and Mark Kuhlman along with Clerk Nedene Kuhlman requested to be put under Willow River’s fire protection. Currently, Sturgeon Lake Township receives fire protection from Sturgeon Lake, but township members feel they are “paying more than (their) share.”

Jensen asked the township members questions about their request, and Alberg assured the council that the Sturgeon Lake Fire Department has been notified of their concern.

No decisions were made Monday night, but the Willow River City Council will look into the possibility. Sturgeon Lake Township’s contract with its fire department doesn’t end until December 31, and the council and township will remain in talks until then.


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