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The fifth annual final party


We will be hosting our “Fifth Annual Final Fourth of July Party” at our Sand Lake home this year.

Over twenty years ago we began inviting friends and family to our lake home to enjoy beer, brats and barbeque at our bastion of banality.

Five years ago I announced, “Now that we are living in the Cities, this will be our final ‘Fourth of July Party’. Be sure to come.”

This year, I am saying it again. With any luck, this will be the year our home of thirty years will be snatched up by some young couple so they can raise their children at one of the finest locations in the area.

My three sons have such fond memories of growing up on the lake that they make an annual trek back home to their Moose Lake Alma mater to party and reminisce with family, old friends and new friends alike.

In a repeat of last year, Moose Lake’s own Whiskey River Band will return to the arena to dazzle their old friends whose amazing support drew fourteen hundred strong a year ago. They came out of every nook and cranny in the Northland to hear their favorite band’s reunion gig.

I spoke with a guy named Guy down at the Flea Market last Saturday who said, “It was just like they never quit playing together. When they hit that first chord, chills went up my spine!”

It’s my understanding that the (daughters?) of some of the band’s former members will be the opening act; a literal passing of the torch down to the next generation. How great is that?

Entertainment will abound in the Moose Lake area this weekend. Sand Lake will hold its Annual Boat Parade around 5:00 P.M. Jake Kachinske, my favorite area DJ, will be bringing his radio show from “The Mooz” to town, vendors will fill the flea market, the parade will march through downtown, and some of our finest citizens will oversee it all by being on the job.

I would like to give a shout-out to Moose Lake’s former All-State football player and current Police Chief, Bogie, for the outstanding job he has done since returning to his roots to serve our community.

We have indeed been blessed with the leadership Bogie and his staff have provided to Moose Lake.

When the “Bombs Bursting in Air” makes its first arrival, we will recognize that Independence Day in America has actually arrived. That is the moment when my miniature poodle Mae begins trembling and makes a nosedive under the bed. Of course her partner Sweet Pea, who mimics her every move, will join in.

My wife and I generally spend the rest of the evening sitting on the dock of the bay holding our dogs tightly under a blanket while watching a 360 degree view of the surrounding fireworks display. We are fortunate to have several neighbors that seem to spend as much money on their fireworks as the City of Moose Lake; and that is not to disparage Moose Lake’s fine display.

It is rumored that one of our lake’s annual visitors owns a fireworks company in Milwaukee and saves up for his yearly blast that provides us with entertainment.

May everyone have a safe and fun holiday and remember that Independence Day means, should you choose to do so, that we have the freedom to hold a bottle rocket in one hand and a bottle of beer in the other.


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