Herbs, the spice of life


This past week I have been accumulating little pots of herbs for the summer garden. It is impossible to find every herb I want at the same nursery. I don’t know why. I will find great basil at one place and stellar rosemary at another. By the way, rosemary is one herb I have managed to keep alive over two winters. This is definitely a big deal.

Anyway, after a wonderful celebration of my birthday (one month late due to pneumonia), we three celebrants stopped at the Superior Walmart store to check out plants. I lucked out and found a couple I needed. Shopko also provided some. Finally, Spring Fresh provided the last few. In the future, I need to start herbs with seed to avoid all this shopping bother every spring.

Today, I have been fiddling with getting the herbs planted. This always takes a fair amount of planning.

I have decided to try to winter the French tarragon again. For several years I had a very hardy plant next to Don’s garden. However, the crab grass finally destroyed the bed, by choking out the roots. That crab grass is really pesky!

For some reason, my perennial French lavender doesn’t survive the winter, either. I may try to grow it in pots and bring it in during the winter, or mulch it to try and protect it. I suppose not having as much snow last winter didn’t help from freezing it out.

This year I’m going to put in several dill plants. Not only does fresh dill smell wonderful when you touch it, it adds a wonderful flavor to salads. Oddly enough, with all my canning, I have never made dill pickles. Maybe this year, I will try.

Last fall I canned homemade spaghetti sauce with fresh herbs from the garden. It really adds to the final product when you use fresh herbs.

I’m not sure why I like growing herbs so much. Years ago I didn’t bother with them. Now, I think the garden is desolate without herbs.

I guess it’s kind of like life. Everyday life could get pretty dull if there weren’t things to zip it up a little. Life herbs are things like smiles to strangers, a pat on the back to a friend, a little note to remind someone they are cared for, a wink across a crowed room.

Yes, there are the obvious life herbs: a dozen roses for no real reason, daisies picked from a field of blooms, an unexpected kiss on the cheek, those quiet moments when you sit on the porch and just relax together with your mate. These are the herbal moments in a busy life.

These kinds of moments are not costly, but are worth a fortune in memories.

When we lose someone, it is usually not the big moments we remember, but those small, quiet moments that are truly the significant part of a relationship. A glance from a loved one is worth more than gold and diamonds. Holding hands at bedtime carries with it a lifetime of memories.

So, my thoughts are this. Gather up herbs for the garden to season your food; gather herbs from your life to add zest to your soul.


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