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Completion of hospital in sight


At the Mercy Hospital Board of Directors meeting May 26, Director of Support Services Keith Carlson announced October 1 as the projected completion date for the hospital renovation project. Should that date be met, the hospital will have been under construction for 23 months.

The surgery area renovation is projected to be completed by July 1.

“We are head over heels into final renovation,” Carlson stated.

There are some final renovations in administration, human resourses, and medical records that need to be finished. The new elevator off the operating room waiting area was approved the third week in May.

The board meeting was informational only, as there were not sufficient members to hold a quorum for voting.

It is hoped that in June the board meeting will be held in the renovated outpatient department. Board members will be notified of the change before the scheduled meeting. Carlson also noted for the minutes that the fire claim for the fire that occurred last winter was completed.

Augustana’s project is projected to begin between mid June and July 1. The electric service in the nursing home is completed.

The credentialing report was given to board members. The report will be approved at a special meeting of the board if necessary; otherwise voting will take place at the June meeting.

Carlson spoke to board members about some serious issues concerning migratory geese on the helicopter pad. Geese are leaving droppings on the pad. This is presenting a serious issue as goose droppings may contain E-coli bacteria. E-coli gets on the shoes of the copter personnel when they transport patients. This can cause contamination issues.

Carlson and maintenance personnel are working with the DNR to mitigate the situation. The helicopter pad is cleaned regularly. Efforts are being made to keep geese away from the pad. However, since geese are imprinted with a nesting area, harvesting is being considered as a solution.

The next meeting of the Mercy Hospital Board of Directors will be held Monday, June 22, at 5:30 p.m. in the new conference area.


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