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Did you remember to remember


Did you remember to remember the loved ones who have gone before us? Did you conveniently forget what this holiday is supposed to be about; or did you simply “throw some shrimp on the barbie, mate” like they say in Australia?

I believe most people do remember to pay some kind of tribute to their moms and dads, grandpas and grandmas, and other friends and relatives who are no longer with us. Take a look at your local cemetery and you will see a fresh display of flowers and wreaths laid at the gravesite of the loved ones.

This year I remember the man who introduced me to the Blues; the legendary B.B. King who recently passed away. He is best known for his hit song, “The Thrill is Gone,” but my favorite has always been “Nobody Loves Me but My Mother, and She Could be Jivin’ Too.”

Every year I pay tribute to my number one war hero, Dale Wayrynen. In May of 1967 while serving in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne, he jumped on a live grenade, saving the lives of several members of his squad. For this heroic action, Dale was awarded the Medal of Honor.

Ironically, in that same month of that same year, I was called down to the morgue to identify the body of my best friend. As a very immature 19-year-old, I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t handle that death very well. Partly due to the burden from the blame my community put on me and two other friends for this tragic death, my life went into a tailspin that lasted for years. I was already living an out of control party-like existence without any regard for my future and this event, rather than turn me around, sunk me deeper into a dark void. I have my military service to thank for straightening out my life. As you see, this is one memory I must honor to the fullest. To Rich, I have never forgotten you.

I remember my father and mother whom many in the Moose Lake community were blessed to know. They always loved spending their summers with us on the lake. They were especially fond of what a wonderful, welcoming area Moose Lake is and the many friends they made while living here.

I need to recognize my home town buddy, Bart, who loved my parents and never fails to put flowers at their gravesite every Memorial Weekend. He has always done this without my asking or recompense except for a thank you. He is a true friend indeed and my sister and I very much appreciate this kind act.

This Memorial Day, I remember a very sweet young girl who recently left this world. Her death is a huge loss for our Star Gazette family and she will never be forgotten. A scholarship in her name helps to assure this. As I write my tribute, Gracelynn Stadin is being remembered by her classmates and all of the elementary students of the Moose Lake School. Today, Thursday, May 21 is track and field day, a day I’m sure Gracelynn would have looked forward to. The day is dedicated to her memory. To all her friends, students and classmates; be assured she is there in spirit. To all of her family: my heart continues to pour out grief for you.

To remember is to put back together what once was. This is what we do when we commit to memory a person and how they were when they lived with us on this earth. Remember to remember.


Reader Comments

wiggy writes:

Very touching Wick. I am always thinking of my brother and father and the article will remind me to do so more .Thanks


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