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By Eddie Jane Pelkey
Moose Lake Star Gazette 

Keeping faith


As many of you know by now, the family of the Star Gazette / Evergreen and the other Franklin newspapers, have suffered a tragic loss. Our editor, Colette Stadin, her husband Paul, and family, are mourning the loss of their daughter, Gracie. As I gave thought to writing this Escape column, I realized there is no way to ignore the painful reality, so I decided to write about the precious gifts of love that comprise our families. By nature I am somewhat of a philosopher, and as such I have given a lot of thought to the many issues of life and living.

I am always stunned by life itself. When we arrive in this world, a spark is lit within us. The spark that we know as our spirit, our soul, our very essence. We are all unique. We are, each of us, a miracle created not only by a higher power, but also in a partnership of our parents, when we are conceived. That spark, that life essence, comes from the spiritual realm of our creator. As we are spiritual beings, when we leave this physical world, we return to pure love and that spiritual realm.

I have seen children enter this world, and I have seen people exit this world. The one clear message I have found for myself is that our spirit never dies. A child is but clay until that breathe of life enters their body. The same becomes true at our exit. Many years ago, a very dear friend of mine died at Hennepin Medical Center. There were many of us at his bedside. When he died, I saw what I now know, was his spirit leave his body. As I watched his spirit rise, I caught the eye of the Episcopal Priest in the room. He nodded at me in acknowledgement that he was also aware of what I saw.

A number of years later, I had the opportunity to get to know Father Alan Grant, when he became a chaplain at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids where I worked. We had many conversations about my experience at Glenn’s deathbed. We talked a great deal about the spiritual nature of our lives and how now no matter who we are, or how old we are, we have spiritual impact on others around us.

The loss of Gracie has touched all of us. The sense of grief bears down and we cannot answer the question, why? What we can do is to support her family, give them love and care, and share the burden of pain that is left when a child dies. There is no answer, why? We are all part of the human family; we are all part of the happiness and the sadness of life. I encourage you to cherish one another.

What is important to remember is the beauty of the child, Gracie. She was a happy young lady who was a part of a loving family. She will always be a member of the family, because death will not remove her from the hearts and memories of her beloved parents and family.


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