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Council donates to prom


Eddie Jane Pelkey

Julie Nelson and Nancy Hedin of the Moose Lake Post Prom Committee requested a donation from the Moose Lake City Council at its meeting Wednesday, April 8. The council members approved a $300 donation from the newly-formed contribution fund approved earlier this year. This is the first donation from the fund, which receives funding from pull-tabs at the Moose Lake Municipal Liquor Store. This year's outing will be held at Mont du Lac Chalet in the east Duluth area.

Dave Johnson, during the public comment section of the meeting, spoke about his concerns regarding tax increment financing and the possible construction of new apartments in Moose Lake. He expressed concerns that what the city needs is more jobs, not tax increment financing for new apartments. He stated concerns that taxes on his Lake Shore Manor apartments and the Paul Rouche apartments have risen dramatically. He said he has no concern with conventional buildings going up without tax increment financing, but wants to see businesses that will offer jobs in the city. He was thanked for his input.

Rich Maxfield, superintendent of Moose Lake Power and Light, spoke to the council regarding the upcoming electrical line work that will be done in Moose Lake. The power lines that run from Douglas Avenue to Birch Avenue, between 3rd Street and 5th Street will be removed and replaced with underground lines. A transformer box will be located on 4th Street just west of Birch. Pedestals will be placed on 4th and 5th, with one pedestal servicing two homes. The pedestals will be placed on the property line near the street. The underground wiring will be pulled through electrical piping and will not disturb the property located at these sites.

Brian Weidenforf of Land and Lease, developer of Moose Lake's Opportunity Park, spoke with the council regarding wetland credits and water/sewer piping. Weidendorf has been meeting with Carlton County regarding a wetland credits purchase, instead of Moose Lake wetland credits. However, he is able to use 8-inch ductile iron pipe (DIP) that Moose Lake has in storage. Weidendorf, City Administrator Pat Oman and the council are negotiating the costs of streetlights for the Opportunity Park project. The city wants decorative streetlights to match Arrowhead Lane. Weidendorf is willing to pay for regular street lighting, if the city is willing to pay the extra cost for special street lighting. Discussions will continue.

A discussion was held regarding a letter received from Kwik Trip regarding the convenience store it is planning to construct at Opportunity Park. The letter addresses the planned construction of a storm water pond for the proposed site. There will be certain storm water features that will be incorporated into the site by Kwik Trip, to provide proper handling of storm water. A new pipe outfall will be constructed that will carry the majority of the storm water from the site. A sump catch basin manhole equipped with a SNOUT oil/water separator will be used for storm water draining from the fueling areas to provide pretreatment of storm water prior to discharging to the pond.

A meeting regarding rural aging was held on March 26 at the home of Rita Baresh to discuss issues facing the elderly in the city of Moose Lake. Transportation was listed as one of the top priorities. A White House listening session is set for Thursday, May 14 from 2:30-5 p.m. at the depot community center. It will be a listening session and people can come, give their input, and then leave. Catherine Sampson of the Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging is setting up the session.

Mayor Ted Shaw attended the meeting and brought the information to the council. Council members discussed transportation for the elderly and the feasibility of a bus system within Moose Lake. This has been done previously, but was stopped in 2008 because there was only one person using the service. The council will discuss this idea further at its next meeting.

Joe Rhein, city engineer, and Brian Guldan, environment project engineer, spoke regarding the wastewater treatment facility upgrades. The city had previously approved upgrades to the current system. However, Guldan spoke to the council regarding the addition of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) to the wastewater facility treatment project. SCADA consists of hardware, software and communication systems that can control, monitor and log data for the lift stations and various other types of processes in the water and wastewater treatment facility. Maxfield stated SCADA was used in Wilmar with excellent results. City personnel can access the data from smart phones or tablets to determine what needs to be done, and program the changes that need to be made from their phone or tablet. SCADA will save approximately 1.5 man-hours every day. The system was approved by the council. The council also approved the addition of a stand-alone, diesel-powered backup generator for the new lift stations. The generator would prevent any backup of sewage during power outages in the community.

Approval was given for the purchase and installation of diaper changing stations in the men’s and women’s bathrooms in the public area by the library in the city building.

The next regular meeting of the Moose Lake City Council will be held on Wednesday, May 13 at 6:30 p.m. in the city council chamber.


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