By Colette Stadin
Moose Lake Star Gazette 

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From the Editor


Family first. Always.

This statement defines me.

As I observe others deal with tragedies and struggles, yet band together in the strong bond of family, I am reminded to hold dear to me those who mean the most.

There's not a single decision I make without first thinking of my family.

I have an amazing husband and three awesome, energetic children, ages 1, 8 and 11. We started our family when we were young — children were in our future, this we knew without a doubt.

As they get older — and, boy, does that happen quickly — I find myself taking a close look at my priorities. Never once has family moved away from the No. 1 spot.

We are lucky — every challenge, bump in the road, and dreaming of the future we do together.

Early on, my husband and I made the decision to always be with our children — one of us would be a stay-at-home parent if at all possible. And, we're lucky to have made it work.

No, we will likely never live the lavish life with this arrangement, but that doesn't matter. If that's the price we pay to hear our children's first words, hug them tight when they fall or watch them dance to made-up tunes, then we'll take it any day.

Life is unpredictable and at times incredibly difficult. All we can do is make the most of it each and every day. There's no better way to do this than hand in hand with family.

So, whether your family is big, small or far from traditional, my advice is never hold a grudge, listen to each other, always hug your children and keep your priorities in check.

Tonight, I'll go home to a tiny house, wrestling children and a major mess — and, in the big picture, it's perfect.

Family first. Always.


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