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By Al Rose
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Rebels girls pound down Rails


Al Rose

Moose Lake/Willow River Rebel Morgan Prachar goes for a shot.

The Moose Lake/Willow River girls basketball team led just 30-26 at the break, but ended up pounding down the Proctor Rails 51-38 in Moose Lake on Tuesday, December 23. Adri Jusczak had 13 points and Morgan Prachar had 11 points to lead the Rebels. Lexie Dewall had a game-high 20 points for Proctor.

The Rebels came out shooting a few more three-pointers than customary and made 2-for-8 of those tries in the first half. The Rebels went 1-for-3 on the threes in the second half to finish with 3-for-11 (27 percent) for the game. The Rails went 1-for-4 in each half and wound up at 2-for-28 (25 percent) from outside the arc.

MLWR found 8-for-30 success in the paint in the first half and 5-for-23 in the second to go 13-for-53 (25 percent) in and near the lane for the game. Proctor was able to go 8-for-24 in the first half, but just 4-for-17 in the second half to wind up at 12-for-41 (29 percent) for the game in the paint.

Adding up the threes and the twos, the Rebels went 16-for-64 (25 percent) on their field goals for the game while the Rails went 14-for-49 (29 percent) on their field goals.

Much of the difference came at the foul stripe. While the Rebels went a solid 16-for-23 (70 percent), Proctor was perfect at 8-for-8 ­­- all by Dewall.

By halves, the Rebels out-rebounded the Rails 17-13 and 17-8 to take the rebounding for the night at 34-21. MLWR had four steals in each half while the Rails had three thefts in the first half and five steals in the second half, for eight steals total for each team. The Rebels had three clean assists in the first half and two in second half for five readily apparent passes for scores in the game. Proctor had one pass for a score in each half for two assists in the game. While the Rebels had just five turnovers in the first half, they added 10 more lost possessions in the second half for a total of 15 turnovers for the game. Proctor had nine in the first half and 16 in the second half for 25 turnovers for the game.

The following represents points (including three-pointers), rebounds, steals and assists for MLWR: Hannah Walker - 4, 7, 0, 1; Morgan Prachar - 11, 5, 0, 0; Libbie Ring - 3, 8, 0, 0; Jenna Ramberg - 8 (2), 0, 2, 1; Jusczak - 13, 7, 5, 2; Ava Szczyrbak - 8 (1), 3, 0, 1; Lauren Ross - 4, 4, 1, 0.


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