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By Colette Stadin
Moose Lake Star Gazette 

Let's all be civil


As editor of this newspaper, my world of work has been inundated with election material.

I have heard both sides of the hot button issues — and watched tempers flare. I firmly believe in the right to free speech and encourage people to voice their opinions.

However, with those issues, behind the scenes and in print, I have observed neighbors cutting down neighbors, misplaced blame and much mudslinging.

With strong viewpoints, it seems respect sometimes takes a back seat. Election season or not, we need to treat others as we want to be treated.

We vote in an effort to move things in the direction the majority approves of. If that vote doesn't go your way, as always, you have the right to speak freely — and, by all means, voice your opinion, submit your letters to the editor. But, I'm asking you to be civil to each other. Perhaps weighing the pros and cons would be more effective than pointing fingers.

Just remember, no matter what happens election night, we're in this together.


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