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By Al Rose
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Rebels respond with heart to beat Hilltoppers


Al Rose

Moose Lake/Willow River Rebel Bryceton Butkiewicz makes his way around a Duluth Marshall Hilltopper in the October 15 away game.

Although the Rebels scored on their first possession, they had fumble problems and had to respond with heart to come back and beat the Hilltoppers at Duluth Marshall by a score of 36-26 after trailing 13-6 at halftime on Wednesday, October 16. The Rebels posted three unanswered scores in the third quarter.

Senior co-captain Josh Pettersen had 98 yards rushing and a touchdown. Sophomore Alex Tackett added 81 yards on the ground in his debut at running back. Brad Fossum completed 9 of 15 passes including one TD to Kody Gerard. Bryceton Butkiewicz had a TD and a two-point conversion run and Wyatt Lampel had a TD for the 7-1 Great Polar White Division champion Rebels. Moose Lake/Willow River, with a Tuesday night bye, will host and meet the winner of the Eveleth-Gilbert vs. Mesabi East game on Saturday, October 25 at 2 pm.

Jake Meyer kicked and Isaac Riihiluoma got a great return well across midfield. David Moonen picked up an immediate first on a middle right run. A pass out to Moonen on the left side went nowhere. Tackett raced right for good yards and a first. From 25 yards out, it was Pettersen around the left side for a TD. Moonen's middle run for points was no good and MLWR was up 6-0 at 10:52.

A bouncing kick was returned by Jordan Frahlich who was driven out on the 29. A bomb to Jack Dodd was just a bit too long down the right sideline. A middle run only got two against gang tackling. A high but not that long punt was left alone by Hunter Halverson.

At 9:13 a quick pass out to Tackett got 9. A pass out to Butkiewicz netted a first to the 39. A pass out to Moonen got just a yard. A high snap in the shotgun was handled by Fossum and Tackett got a first at the 28. A Rebels fumble was recovered by Marshall on the 37 at 7:33.

Cullen Mudrak tried the left, but lost a yard. A left pitch gained 4 for Jeremy Stephan. A middle run by quarterback Tyler Cummins was no gain and Marshall punted from the 41 at 6:09.

A high and deep punt was lost by Halverson at the 14.

A pass out to Join Hansen was dropped on the right side, but it was Hansen to break two tackles on the next play and to score. Fralich's kick was good and the Hilltoppers held the slim 7-6 lead at 5:14.

A short kick was one-bounced by Butkiewicz for a good return to the 26. A pass left to Moonen was good, but a flag for illegal procedure brought it back for minus 5. A pitch to Pettersen lost 2 as he tried to reverse his field of direction. A Butkiewicz fumble was recovered by Alex Hadlock.

Marshall false started and a middle run was mashed by Jeremiah Chavez. Stephan got 3 left with Butkiewicz stopping. A middle was held to no gain by Charlie Adamczak and Marshall called time. Gerard got a big sack of Cummins for a large loss back to the 46 and MLWR took over on downs.

A middle pitch to Moonen got 4. A quick out to Gerard was not held on to. From the 50, a counter to Moonen was a first, but Fossum was sacked on the next play to close the quarter with the Rebels trailing by a digit.

Moonen went right for 9. Hansen shot the middle but it was 4th-and 5 and the Rebels called time at 10:34. A pitch to Zach Schwarzbauer was not enough and Marshall took over on downs at 10:28 on the 37.

Mudrak got a first on the right side, but Hansen was hammered for no gain by Chavez and Cummins got nothing against Maverick Karsky. Cummins kept right but was met by Rex Jenke for only a little and the Hilltoppers took time at 8:22. A left run by Hansen was not enough and MLWR took over on downs.

Tackett took off for a good first, but on the next play he fumbled and Gavin Heller recovered on the 49 at 7:59.

A middle run was limited to only 2 by Karsky and Janke. A run by Stephan was decent yards but then he found 2 in the middle left. Stephan got a first to keep Marshall's drive alive. Cummins was sacked by Gerard for a loss of 2. Cummins ran the right middle for 2 against Max Kenney and Jake Blais. A long pass down the right side was hauled in by Colt Bates to the 6. A pitch left to Hansen got 5. Stephan was stonewalled in the middle. Cummins kept for the TD. Although the kick sailed wide left Marshall had capitalized on the turnover and was up 13-6 at 3:12.

Butkiewicz returned the kick to the 32. A pitch to Moonen got 4. Butkiewicz fought hard for a first and followed with a nice run left for another first. A pass to Gerard down the middle was incomplete at 1:36. A pitch to Moonen was just a couple in the middle. A pass to Adamczak was almost intercepted. On 4th-and-5, Moonen's middle run was enough for a first and MLWR called time at :47. A pass to Butkiewicz was incomplete. Hansen lost a yard. A pass out to Butkiewicz on the left flat was too short plus the Rebels caught a flag for a loss of 5 and they called time. A screen from the 38 out to Moonen was caught but did not gain much as the half ended with the Hilltoppers up 13-6.

The Rebels kicked to the 27 with Craig Nelson on coverage. The Hilltoppers tried the bomb to Dodd and it was gain close with Moonen covering. A middle run by Cummins lost 1. A pitch was no gain. Another try also was no gain and an illegal procedure and punt followed with MLWR taking possession on the 49 at 10:32.

Butkiewicz broke free and galloped to the 6 before being pushed out of bounds. A middle run to the 3 by Moonen set up Lampel's lunge for the TD. Butkiewicz walked in for the two-point and the Rebels had a 14-13 lead.

The kick to C J. Miller at the 20 was returned to the 35. Illegal motion was declined. A run right got just a yard. A pitch to Hansen on left side got 6, but on 4th and-2, a fumble turned the ball over to MLWR.

A nifty run by Moonen, pitching to Fossum went for 9 yards. A pitch to Tackett was a first to the 22 at 7:30. Tackett went left for large yards to the 4. Butkiewicz got the call and score on the middle right. The pass for points to Chett Morgan was just barely batted way but MLWR was up 20-13 at 6:51.

Butkiewicz kicked deep and the return was to the 32. A pitch from Cummins to Stephan was muffed but recovered by the Hilltoppers. A run up the middle was absolutely planted by Chavez for a loss of 3. A pass to 17 was nearly a pick for Riihiluoma. A high but kind of short punt was wisely called for a fair catch by Halverson on the 39.

A pass to Adamczak was good for 5. Pettersen hit the middle right for a first. A counter to Pettersen was good for a first to the 35. Moonen got just a yard in the middle. Tackett went left for 5. Butkiewicz used second effort for a first to the 21. A quick pass out to Butkiewicz got about 6. A counter to Tackett lost a yard. Lampel hit the middle for a few plus a facemask tacked on more. Moonen scored and Pettersen added two on a counter for 28-13 as the Rebels had scored 22 unanswered with :43 left in the third quarter.

Adamczak kicked to Frahlich who returned to the 35. A counter to Stephan got just a yard as the fourth quarter would begin with the Rebels having responded and now riding a 15 point advantage.

Stephan ran a pitch for a bunch with Pettersen having to save a TD. Stephan went middle. Chavez caused a fumble and Adamczak recovered. The ball would soon end up back in the Hilltoppers hands. A run left got 2. A pass to Hansen was incomplete. On 4th-and 12 a deep pass went to Stephan in the endzone but he was well out of bounds at 9:20.

Tackett attacked the middle or 4 and a pitch went wide left for 3 to Pettersen. Schwarzbauer picked up the first to the 24. A pitch to the center was a big run for Pettersen and a pitch for Tackett was another first. Thomas found some yards to the 11. Butkiewicz was held to no yards. A dart of a pass from Fossum to Gerard was a nice catch and a TD. Thomas got the two-point conversion and the Rebels extended their lead to 36-13 at 5:47.

Adamczak kicked and the return was up the middle to the 47. Cummins escaped what appeared to be a sure sack and launched a bomb for a 53-yard TD for Dodd. The two-point try failed and it was 36-19 at 5:27.

An on-side appeared to have been well covered by Moonen but it was ruled that the Hilltoppers had taken it away at the 47. Hansen went wide left and Stephan went right for big yards to the 15. Stephan was stacked up by Adamczak and others. A Cummins pitch to Stephan was faulty and had to be covered for a big loss. Cummins went right and Chavez forced a fumble with Adamczak recovering.

Riihiluoma got a nice cut and a first down and followed with another good run and a first to the 43. Schwarzbauer ran the middle and Thomas got a first to the 38 but a fumble was lost to the Hilltoppers.

A long pass to Dodd was incomplete, but a pitch to Stephan was a long run and a score. The kick by Frahlich was good for 36-26 at :37.

Pettersen covered a short nubber and Fossum and the Rebels kneed out the clock.


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