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By Al Rose
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Rebels race by Mercuries


Al Rose

The Moose Lake/Willow River volleyball team improved their record to 18-7 and finished second in the Polar League as they raced by the McGregor Mercuries in three straight sets October 14.

The Moose Lake/Willow River volleyball team improved their record to 18-7 and finished in second place in the Polar League as they raced by the McGregor Mercuries in three straight sets on Tuesday, October 14. The game scores were 24-14, 25-23 and 25-11.

Adri Jusczak paced the attack with 12 kills and added four solo blocks. Lauren Ross had 27 set assists. Karina Cisar had 11 kills. Gabby Bennett fired five aces. Libbie Ring had two solo blocks.

Ross set to serve but erred. Jusczak got her first solo block. Amy Gelhar killed for the Mercs. Ross set Jusczak but Tayler Smith erred on serve, but so did a Merc. Gelhar killed. Ellie Baker on a set by Shelby Kelly. Ring carried and McGregor had an early 7-3 lead.

The lead melted away on a service error, four hits, a netted kill attempt and another service error. Ring aced and had a nice dig. Cisar killed for 8-8. Cisar netted a try, but Kelly erred on serve. Smith got a give-me to steer down. A Merc erred on serve. Smith tipped for 11-10.

Lacy Baker missed a try and Jusczak jammed down her second block. Ellie Baker dug and Gelhar killed. Ross set Jusczak for 14-11. Gelhar missed and down 11-15, McGregor called time. Ross set Jusczak and McGregor had a passing error. Jusczak blocked Gelhar, but Gelhar came back with a kill. Ross set Sage Gerard. McGregor bumped out twice for 21-12, Rebels.

Gelhar killed but Ross tipped. Smith's two aces made 24-13. The Rebels bumped one into the ceiling but a Ross to Cisar connection closed it, 25-14.

Baker served for the Mercs, but it was Ross to Cisar to begin game two and Jusczak blocked. Ring got a give-me, Ross aced and Ross set Jusczak for 6-0. Gelhar killed. McGregor missed a bump, but a run-around attempt by Jusczak and Ring failed. Ross set Jusczak for 8-2. Baker and Gerard exchanged missed kills. A Jusczak attempt for a bump caught the net, a Rebel carried and Gelhar aced. Scarlett Anderson bumped out and McGregor got right back into it as Gelhar aced twice for 8-9.

Jusczak killed and Baker netted a tip try. McGregor blew a pass but Kelly tipped. Cisar killed but the Rebels failed to pass. Ross set Cisar and McGregor blew a pass. Jusczak blocked but Cisar missed. McGregor missed against a double block but Cisar erred on serve and Gerard pushed long for 16-14.

A Rebel was called in the net and Baker exchanged an ace for an error. Ross set Gerard and Jusczak tipped for 19-16. Gerard got a give-me to hammer and McGregor called down 16-20.

Gelhar killed. McGregor got a kill but Gerard tipped for 22-17. Anderson missed and Gelhar got a solo block for 20-22. McGregor was in the net on a Gerard tip for 23-20. Kelly set Baker. Ross set Gerard for 24-21, but Kelly came back with a set to Baker for 22-24 and Baker aced. Ross sent to Cisar to end a close game a 25-23.

Ross aced to start game three and set Jusczak. Baker pushed. Cisar blocked and Gelhar missed. Cisar aced and Gelhar missed again. Jusczak tipped and attacked for 8-1. With Cisar acing again, McGregor called down 1-9.

The Rebels missed a pass but Smith tipped. The Rebels blew another pass and Gelhar killed off a double block. Kelly attacked and the Rebels failed to communicate. Dakota Boyd killed and MLWR called time up only 10-7.

Jusczak killed and Ellie Riihiluoma came in to serve. Ross set Ring and Gerard tipped for 14-7. Gelhar pushed, but Ring successfully hit on the run-around play. Ring block for 16-8. Gabby Bennett fired two aces to prompt a Merc time out.

Ring got a give-me to take down and Bennett aced again. Ring was called over the net, but Ross to Cisar made it 21-9. Ring erred on serve and four hits went against MLWR. Ross set Cisar and Baker missed a kill try. Ross set Jusczak for 24-11 and Smith got a give to close out the game and the set at 25-11 and 3-0.


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