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By Al Rose
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Rebels hold on to edge Agates


Al Rose

The Moose Lake/Willow River captains are seniors Jermiah Chavez, Josh Pettersen, David Moonen and Brad Fossum.

The 5-1 Moose Lake/Willow River Rebels football team matched up with the 5-1 Two Harbors Agates on Parents/Senior Night on Thursday, October 9 in Willow River and held on to win 20-14. The Agates were driving late in the game, but were running out of time and Brad Fossum ended the drive with a pass interception as MLWR improved to 6-1.

The Rebels won the toss and elected to receive with Bryeton Butkiewicz back deep. The kick ended up being a squib, which the Rebels covered on the 41. David Moonen got nothing and Butkiewicz tried the left side with nothing going. A pass attempt was knocked down by Trey Fleck and Fossum punted at 10:34 and got a good roll to the 13.

A middle run by Kyler Kinn was handled by Rex Janke and a middle handoff was no gain against Butkiewicz. Kinn went left for some yards but not enough for a first down and the Agates punted at 8:43.

The punt was a nice spiral and Hunter Halverson got just a couple on the return and the Rebels would operate from the 45. A pitch to Butkiewicz lost 2 yards with Ricky Hietala tackling. Wyatt Lampel lit up the middle for a good first to the 29. Butkiewicz went left for 5 and Moonen added 2 the same way. Moonen got a first on a right pitch to the 15. Moonen and Thomas Hansen each got a couple. Fossum looked to pass and ran left for 4th-and-5. It was Moonen's counter for the TD. Lampel did not get the 2-point try, the Rebels were up 6-0 at 4:21

Charlie Adamczak's kick was short to the 25 and returned to the 33 with Joe Weidendorf and Craig Nelson tackling. Kinn got only two in the middle against Janke. A counter was no gain with Butkiewicz up. A pass to Kinn was incomplete with Isaac Riihiluoma on the coverage. Halverson returned the punt from the 33 to the 38 at 2:51.

Butkiewicz was held to no gain in the middle by Hietala, but he took a nice misdirection play to the 46. Moonen got a first down at 1:15. A pass to Kody Gerard was just slightly overthrown. Hansen got it across midfield with Tim Bott having to stop. A pass out to Moonen was a short gain to close the quarter.

On 4th-and-1 from the 42 Moonen got a first to the 37. A pass attempt over the middle to Adamczak was incomplete. Moonen got a couple, but on the next play the Rebels fumbled and Two Harbors recovered on the 35 at 10:52.

Quarterback Alex Lemke ran right for 2. Kinn was dropped for a loss of 1 by Hansen. Adamczak got a sack back to the 30 and the Agates punted to Halverson who got nothing on the return at 9:17.

Fossum launched a beautiful spiral for Butkiewicz to run under and catch over his shoulder all the way to the 15 as an Agate clung on. Hansen got 2 against Hietala and Butkiewicz got a couple more against the same tackler. A pitch to Moonen was good for 1st-and-goal. It was Lampel getting the call to plow in for 12-0. Butkiewicz did not get the two and it was 12-0 at 7:01.

Adamczak's kick was short and Two Harbors took an immediate time out. Taylor Ross went right for 6. A Rebel jumped offsides for the first penalty against either team for the game. Ross went for a first behind a wall of blocks for a first. Hietala hit the middle for 7 with Fossum having to stop. Kinn only got a yard but Ross dug for a first before Brennen Sylvester and Jeremiah Chavez could drag him down on the 28. Kinn went left and was short of a first by an inch. Ross hit the middle for the first to the 15 with Chavez on the stop at 3:50. Hietala had a hard and fast run to the 4 and was a foot short of a first with Moonen tackling. Ross got the first to the 3. It was Ross to go through a hole in the middle for the TD and the kick by Quaid Cavalin was good for 12-7 at 2:55.

A squib kick was recovered by the Rebels. A pass to Moonen was incomplete. An inside handoff to Hansen a good for a first to the Agates' 35. A charge by Lampel netted nine and the Agates called time at 2:05. A pass over the middle was not held onto by Gerard. Butkiewicz ran for a first to the 25. A pass to the right was incomplete to Gerard with Lemke on good coverage, plus a hold moved the Rebels backward. A pass to the left side to Adamczak was overthrown. Moonen was drilled on a counter attempt. A quick kick appeared to be partially blocked at :36.7.

The Agates stuck to the ground and three short runs to end the quarter with the Rebels up 12-7 at the break.

Adamczak kicked deep to the 11 with a run back to the 33 and Riihiluoma stopping. Lemke kept right for a first before Chavez forced him out. A middle run was held to a short gain by Adamczak and Ross was stacked up for 3rd-and-5. Josh Pettersen made a big hit on a run left to force a punt and it was a short one to the 37 at 9:07.

Butkiewicz was held to little gain left. Moonen got 5 in the middle. On a great fake to the far side Butkiewicz ran for large yards to the 40 for a first. Butkiewicz worked for a couple, but a counter to the big back was a first to the 25. Butkiewicz hit the middle for a couple. A false start went against MLWR, but Lampel came through with a powerful first to the 15. Pettersen ran the middle to the 9. Butkiewicz was held to one in the middle. Lampel went middle right to the 4. Pettersen nearly had a TD as he sped around the left side. It was Butkiewicz almost walking in on the right middle for the score and Butkiewicz ran behind big blocks for the 2-point conversion for 20-7 at 3:18.

Adamczak booted it deep to the 15 and the Two Harbors receiver lost his footing. Hietala got 3 in the middle against Fossum and Hansen. Tanner Aho worked for 2 in the middle with Butkiewicz and Fossum stopping. A pitch to Lucas Kempffer was a first down at 1:38. A pitch to Aho gained 5 and a middle run got it to the 43. A pitch to Hietala, with Chavez up, closed the quarter as the Agates picked up a first down.

Lemke was chased by Adamczak and got 4 with Zach Schwarzbauer tackling. Kempffer followed with a good run for a first at 10:34. Kinn went left for 2 and a pitch to Aho was a first to the left. Hietala made a determined run to the 15. Kempffer got a first to the 11. A pitch left went for 2 and a pitch to Kempffer got it to the 6. Kempffer picked up a first at the 1. Lemke went up the middle for the TD and Cavalin's kick drew the Agates to within striking distance for 20-14 at 6:34.

A deep kick to Pettersen was returned to the 18. A short pass from Fossum to Moonen was limited to a yard by Aho and John Peer. Timm Bott ran a counter for a first to the 30 at five minutes left to play. Moonen tried the right side and Two Harbors took a time out. Moonen got a first on the right side, but lost a yard on the next try and Butkiewicz was held to no gain. The Agates took another time-out. A fumble had to be covered by Fossum. Facing 4th-and-11 MLWR called time out at 2:12. A decent punt by Fossum bounced to the 20.

Kinn ran the middle for 4 with Chavez stopping. Kempffer got just a few in the middle against Chavez and Janke. A screen to Haughtily was good for an Agates first down approaching midfield. A pass down the middle was short and a relatively easy apple for Fossum to cradle.

The Rebels and Fossum took a hard-fought victory with a couple of knees to end the game.

The 6-1 and fourth-ranked Rebels' next game was a 4 p.m. day game against the Duluth-Marshall Hilltoppers in Duluth on Wednesday, October 15.


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