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By Al Rose
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Rebels volleyball flies past Eagles


Rebel Adri Jusczak sets the ball in the September 22 home game against the East Central Eagles.

The Moose Lake/Willow River Rebels improved to 14-3 as they flew past the East Central Eagles in three fast sets on Monday, September 22. Game scores were 25-4, 25-13 and 25-11.

Lauren Ross had 12 set assists and fired nine ace serves. Ally Bode had nine kills and 10 digs. Adri Jusczak had four kills and Sage Gerard had four aces.

Sami Koland served for the Eagles. Ross set Karina Cisar and Jusczak got a give-me to hammer on the back-line. Ross set Libbie Ring for a tip and East Central hit into the ceiling and Ring tipped again for 5-0. The Eagles were again into the ceiling. Ross set Cisar for 7-0 and two aces by Ross prompted an Eagles time out, down 9-0.

Ross set Jusczak and the Eagles struggled to pass. Three more Ross aces made it 19-0. Koland set Brittany Monette for a kill. Cisar got a soft kill to go near the middle row. Jusczak missed a give-me wide. Four hits and a wide miss made it 22-2. Koland set Bailey Kroschel for a solid kill against a double block. An Eagle was called in the net. Ellie Riihiluoma rotated in to serve and the Eagles bumped into the ceiling. East Central got a point, but a service error ended game one at 25-4.

Ross committed a service error to begin game two and four hits went on the Rebels. An Eagle erred on serve, Cisar smoked an ace and Bode killed. Kroschel was wide from the middle and Bode got a tap down. Ring made a nice dig, but Bode netted a try and the Eagles followed with an ace. Ross put up a fine back set to Jusczak and followed with a set for Bode for 7-4.

Ross erred on serve and Nina Sewell got an ace. An Eagle hit into the net and another miss-timed a try. Another went into the net and Ross set Bode for 11-6. Morgan Johnson missed long, an Eagles tip try went wide and a long hit followed for 14-6, Rebels.

Sara Miller dug, Ross tried a run around play but it was netted. Ross set Bode and Bode aced. Two Eagles miscues prompted a time out at 7-19. Johnson missed long and the Rebels got called in the net. Mackenzi Louzek got into the action and set long but an Eagle netted a possible give-me. Tayler Smith aced for 21-9 but followed with an error.

The Eagles blew a pass but got a bump by Shelby Helle to fall. Sewell tipped for 11-23 and MLWR failed on a pass. Monette aced. Scarlett Anderson tipped and two hits on East Central ended the game at 25-13.

Gabby Bennett set Ring for a tip and Bennett set Ring for a kill. Two Eagles hit long and Bennett aced. Gerard got a give-me. Koland dug, but a teammate netted a try and as the Eagles miscommunicated MLWR went up 8-0.

Kroschel netted a push and Louzek dug. Gerard netted a try and Koland aced for 2-10. Ring blocked and Johnson killed near the middle row. Sewell aced for 4-11. An Eagle hit long and Bode was in the net with one before Kroschel aced. Bode drove a solo kill but Anderson was too soft on a tip try in the net for 7-13 and two hits went on the Rebels. Louzek set Anderson but Bode erred on serve for 9-14.

An Eagle was under the net but a Rebel erred on serve. Johnson netted a try and Gerard got a kill off a Louzek set. A Rebel hit into the net, an Eagle erred on serve and Gerard aced. Johnson's cross court try went wide and three more Gerard aces made it 23-11. An Eagle netted a try and another hit was long to end it at 25-11.

The Rebels host McGregor on Tuesday, October 14 at 7:15 p.m. and playoffs begin on Wednesday, October 22.


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