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By Al Rose
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Rebels volleyball gets quick victory over Bombers


Dan Lingle

A Moose Lake/Willow River Rebel takes to the air for the tip.

The Moose Lake/Willow River Rebels made it six in a row as they got a quick win over the Bombers in Barnum on Thursday, September 18. The game scores were 25-12, 25-9 and 25-11 in the match that lasted just over an hour.

Karina Cisar paced the Rebels with eight kills and four aces. Lauren Ross put up 16 set assists and fired six aces. Adri Jusczak had six kills and one assisted blocked. Libbie Ring had six kills and two aces.

Brittany Baier served and set Alyssa Hunter for a kill. Cisar steered a soft kill. Jusczak crushed an attack. Ross aced and Ring poked a kill. Ross set Jusczak for a crunch and 5-1 before Ross erred on serve and Elizabeth Sullivan also erred. Cisar got two aces before an error for 8-3. Cisar miss-timed a middle try and Ross netted a tip try. Kamille Korpela committed a service error, but Emma Koski got an attack before a service error for 10-6, Rebels.

Ellie Riihiluoma rotated in to serve and aced. Two hits went against Barnum. Cisar dug and Madison Hlavka tipped wide for 13-6. Brooke Kinsman killed. Although Cisar made another good dig, Hlvaka tipped for 8-13. Cisar missed from near the middle row. Ross set Sage Gerard, but Gerard erred on serve. Cisar got a middle row kill off a fine set by Ross. Kinsman hit long. With the Rebels firing two aces, Barnum called time down 10-18.

Ross and Cisar connected twice before a service error. Ross tipped for 21-11 and followed with an ace. Jusczak missed long for 12-24 but a Bomber erred on serve for 25-12 Rebels.

Korpela had a nice dig to begin game two before Jusczak attacked and then set Ring. Barnum was in the net on a block attempt and missed a cross court attempt for 4-0. Ross set Cisar. With a Bomber hitting the antennae, Barnum called time down 0-6.

Ross set Jusczak and a Bomber netted a try from the middle row. Hunter blocked Jusczak, but Jusczak tipped. Korpela dug and a Rebels pass failed for 2-9. Hunter erred on serve and Jusczak blocked. The Rebels had a bad pass, but Jusczak killed for 12-3. Ross set Ally Bode, netted a tip try and set Bode again. Ring dug and Ross set Cisar. Ross attacked and got a soft kill out of it. Scarlett Anderson aced and then erred. The Rebels were under the net but four hits went on Barnum for 20-7.

A Bomber tried a cross court but it went wide and a bad Barnum pass followed. Ross aced and down 7-23, Barnum called time. Cisar got a soft attack, but the Rebels blew a pass for 8-24. Lyric Lekander aced, but it was a dig by Maddie Ross that fell to end it 25-9.

Baier aced to start game three and Lekander killed before a Bomber hit wide. Ross erred on serve. Jusczak set Ring to the corner. Barnum was in the net for 3-3. A Bode tip was not passed and a carry on Barnum and a Cisar ace ensued. The Rebels were in the net and muffed a pass for 5-6. Cisar smacked down a give-me kill. After a long volley it was Ross setting Bode and Ring getting two aces.

Four hits on Barnum made it 11-5 Rebels. Kinsman missed long. Hlavka got a kill off a block but Koski had a cross court try go wide for 13-6. Korpela dug and a Rebel hit long. Ross miss-timed a solo attack but followed with a good set for Cisar to hammer. Koski hit long for 15-8.

Ross set Anderson but Cisar missed an attack wide. A Barnum bump went long. Cisar was content to try a give-me down and Josie Benzie came in to serve. Hannah Tate hit long for 19-9. Anderson's kill made it 20-9. Benzie aced and Tate hit long. Down 9-22, Barnum called time. Cisar got a block. Peyton Bushey hit long but the Rebels failed to communicate. A Bomber erred on serve and Cisar closed it out for 25-11.

The Rebels host Cook County on Thursday, September 25 and Wrenshall on Tuesday, September 30 before big matches at Esko on Thursday, October 2 and at Carlton on Tuesday, October 7.


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