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By Al Rose
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Rebels jump on Golden Bears for homecoming win


Al Rose

The Rebels host the Eveleth-Gilbert Golden Bears September 19 in Willow River, and win the homecoming game 34-24.

The Moose Lake/Willow River Rebels football team jumped on the Eveleth-Gilbert Golden Bears for a 26-0 lead before coasting to a 34-24 homecoming win in Willow River Friday. Bryceton Butkiewicz had two of the Rebels' touchdowns and added a 2-point conversion.

Butkiewicz' kick was returned from the 27 to the 36. Sam Roberts was stacked up by Brad Fossum and Sam Coil for a loss of 1. A Roberts pitch was covered by Josh Pettersen. On 3rd-and-4, a pitch was covered by Roberts and at 9:45 the Bears punted it away.

Pettersen took it from the 30 to the 46. David Moonen made two yards. Thomas Hansen's run made it 3rd-and-short and Moonen got the first down on the 33. Moonen was wrapped up and a pitch to Hansen got it to the 26. On 3rd-and-1 Moonen was stuffed. Pettersen picked up the first. From the shotgun Moonen managed a little. Butkiewicz got it to the 17. Moonen was held to a short gain. A toss from Fossum to Charlie Adamczak was incomplete and E-G took over on downs at 3:39.

A run was met by Fossum and Pettersen. Cooper Dosan drove for 5. Roberts, chased by Adamczak and Kody Gerard had to dump the pass. An incomplete pass and E-G had to punt.

A high spiral died at the 35. A pass was behind Gerard. A counter to Pettersen got 5. A Fossum pass to Adamczak was complete to the 34 at 2:14. Pettersen went left for 5. A pass to Moonen was complete for large yards and the Golden Bears called time at 1:09. A quick out to Adamczak on the right side was high. Hansen had a good run to the 6. Fossum scooted in for the 6-yard score. Hansen was held short for the conversion but the Rebels were up 6-0 at :19.5.

A short kick was returned to the 36 with Craig Nelson stopping. Roberts struggled for 6 with Fossum and Moonen stopping to end the quarter.

Dosan fought to get back to scrimmage with Pettersen and Jeremiah Chavez there. A pitch from Mark Tikkanen to Roberts went left for a first with Pettersen having to come up. A pitch back was off its mark and Moonen pounced on the turnover on the 49 at 11:19.

Pettersen and Moonen had runs to get a first. Pettersen tried to go left on a pitch and got 2. Fossum took a high snap in the shotgun, pulled it down and went right to make a first down. Butkiewicz worked right to just inside the 10. It was Butkiewicz plowing through the left side for a 9-yard TD. Moonen took a pitch through the left middle and MLWR was up 14-0 at 8:44.

The first kick went out of bounds and the Golden Bears elected to have a re-kick. Adamczak's kick was returned to the 48. Dosan got across midfield with Chavez and Moonen stopping. Roberts ran to the 44. On 3rd-and-3 Roberts was dragged down for a loss of 1 by Chavez. The punt went to the 22 and time was taken by E-G at 6:39.

Fossum got sacked for a loss of 3. Butkiewicz ran down the left sideline to the 36 for a first. A swing pass to Moonen netted only a little and a counter was just a yard to prompt a Rebels time out at 5:33. Moonen ran to the 28 for 4th-and-2. A Golden Bear jumped offside to hand the Rebels a first down. Moonen was met in the middle by Roberts. Fossum kept right for a first at the 10. Butkiewicz fought for four left. The snap was fumbled and E-G's Koskela recovered at 2:24.

Roberts ran the middle for 5 with Pettersen tackling and he followed a good run on a pitch and Adamczak and others giving chase and the Rebels calling time. Haavisto hit the middle for a first before Butkiewicz got him on the 17 with two minutes remaining. Max Roberts was tossed for a yard loss by Max Kenney. A pitch to Roberts was held to third-and-3 by Chavez. A right pitch to Roberts was chased down by Moonen. A deep pass to Erickson was overthrown. An incomplete middle screen attempt ended the half with the Rebels up 14-0.

Hansen took the kick from the 25 to the 36. A pitch to Pettersen gained 5, but was held to 2 on the next. Moonen went left for a first. A middle run by Wyatt Lampel got 4. It was Butkiewicz around the left side for a 41-yard TD. Fossum's kick was high and long but wide right for 20-0 at 9:58.

The Golden Bears almost returned a deep kick for a TD but a flag moved it back to the 16. Roberts went to 2 with Gerard saving a TD. On the very next play it was Gerard yanking the ball away and sprinting down field but a flag at the 22 brought that back to the 12 at 8:57 and MLWR called time. A pitch went left to Moonen to the 15. Butkiewicz went down the right side to the 39. Butkiewicz ran left and Moonen went left. On 3rd-and-4 Butkiewicz ran into a wall. Pettersen got a first on a counter left. A pitch to Hansen was called back on hold to the 36. A nice pass by Fossum went down the middle to Gerard at the 7. Lampel got the call and the TD on a hard-nosed run. Fossum's kick was wide left but the Rebels were up 26-0 at 5:04.

Erickson returned from the 25 to the 34 with Tanner Ramirez and Isaac Riihiluoma stopping. Roberts was ridden down by Adamczak and Chavez for nothing. Roberts ran the right side to the 38. An illegal procedure cost the Bears 5. A pass went for a first. Butkiewicz was not fooled by a halfback screen. Roberts ran for a yard with Moonen there to close the quarter.

From the 32 and 7 to go and pass to Erickson was complete to the 1 on the left side. Roberts ran through the middle for the TD. Roberts passed to Tikkanen for the extra points and it was 26-8 at 11:33.

An on-side kick attempt was recovered by the Rebels' Chris Regan and MLWR called time. Butkiewicz ripped the middle for 8, but on the next play Fossum suffered a strip sack and the Golden Bears had the ball back.

From the 49 Roberts went nowhere against Butkiewicz. A pitch to Robert was good for 3rd-and a foot. A snap to Roberts was by Butkiewicz leading a pack of Rebels and MLWR took over on down at 9:22.

From the 40 a pitch to Pettersen got 7. A handoff to Moonen got a couple left and Moonen got across midfield for a first. A pitch right to Butkiewicz got a yard, but Lampel rumbled to the 4-yard line with Charlie Ryan saving a TD. Pettersen went left for the score. Butkiewicz added the points after for 34-8 at 6:23.

Ryan returned the kick to the 43 with Lampel tackling. A pass from Roberts to Tikkanen was incomplete. Roberts ran for a 57 yard TD. A pass over the middle was good and it was 34-16 at 6:03.

A squib kick was covered by Hansen. Connor Radel got some time at the helm. Jon Weidendorf had a nice run of 7 yards to the 40 with Roberts stopping. Riihiluoma picked up a first down. Chet Morgan tried to go outside but a tackle was made by Josh Weston for no gain. Riihiluoma tried the right middle for little. A middle run by Lampel was stopped for no gain. On 4th-and-1 Butkiewicz was stopped cold and the Bears took over on downs at the 50 with 2:33 remaining.

A pass to Ryan was complete for 7. A pass to Erickson was incomplete. Roberts kept left for a first and a personal foul on the Rebels moved that ahead 15. A touch pass to the corner was close but incomplete. E-G ran the same play and Erickson scored. The points were good for 34-24 at 1:39.

An on-side kick attempt barely moved. Butkiewicz got a few and E-G called time at 1:19. Moonen got a first to the 33 and the Bears called time again. A counter to 32 got a yard and a run by Butkiewicz got 4 on the left side. A pass to Gerard with eight seconds left was good for an apparent TD but a block in the back called it back. Fossum and the Rebels took a knee to end the game.

The 3-1 Rebels travel to Nashwauk to play the Nashwauk-Greenway-Keewatin Titans Friday, September 26 and play away against Deer River Friday, October 3 before returning home for a Parents' Night game against Two Harbors Thursday, October 9.


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