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By Al Rose
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Rebels win battle against Eskomos


Paul Stadin

Moose Lake/Willow River Rebel Bryceton Butkiewicz fights to stay on his feet as the Esko Eskomos try to take him down during the September 5 game in Willow River. The Rebels were victorious with a 38-28 win over the Eskomos.

The Moose Lake/Willow River Rebels were victorious with a 38-28 win against the Esko Eskomos in Willow River on Friday, September 5. David Moonen led the way for the 1-1 Rebels, scoring four touchdowns. Josh Pettersen had two pass interceptions for MLWR.

Ryan Bodie kicked off to Bryceton Butkiewicz and the Rebel returner took it from the 17 to the 24 with Ethan Linder stopping. Junior running back Thomas Hansen rambled 15 yards for an immediate first down. Senior backfield mate Pettersen took a pitch left for 4. Senior quarterback Brad Fossum rolled right and found Pettersen for a first down. Hansen was met in the middle for a loss of 2. Moonen ran the middle for nothing as Jaxon Turner came up fast. On 3rd-and-2 at 10:16, Fossum ran left for 3. Fossum and Moonen combined on runs to get it to the 5. Two Moonen runs netted just a yard. An inside handoff to Butkiewicz was no gain against Ian Mills. Hansen tried to left side, but it was a yard shy of a TD and the Rebels turned the ball over on downs at 7:01.

After a couple plays and an illegal procedure, Esko called time at 6:19, but fumbled on the very next play with Kody Gerard recovering at the 14.

Hansen hit the middle for 2. Pettersen took a left pitch to the 2. Hansen reached for goal line in the middle, but was short by half a foot. A pitch to Hansen to right side got the job done. A quick pass out to Pettersen on the right side was held short, but the Rebels had cashed in on the turnover and were up 6-0 at 4:19.

Butkiewicz stubbed the kick and Esko had good field position at the 47. Two plays later and another illegal procedure call, an Esko pass intended for Aaron Olson was picked by Pettersen and subsequently fumbled but then jumped on by Charlie Adamczak on the 37 at 3:22.

Moonen went left for 8. Fossum looked to pass, but kept and ran right for a first. Moonen took it to the 24. Fossum's pass to Moonen was too high. A pass to Butkiewicz was also too lofty. The Rebels took a flag for illegal procedure and turned it over on downs.

The quarter closed with MLWR up 6–0.

After an unsuccessful Esko drive in the beginning of the second quarter, the Rebels would mount a sustained drive. A Hansen run was followed by an off-sides on Esko. Pettersen got just enough going right for a first at the 20 at 10:08. Pettersen was held to 2 on the right. Butkiewicz was stacked up on the right side for 3rd-and-7. Fossum kept right for the first. From the shotgun, Fossum handed to Pettersen for 4. Esko jumped offside again. Moonen's nice run in the middle was a first near midfield at 7:05. Hansen was held to 1 by Casey Kulas. Butkiewicz got a few to the right, but a pitch to the 200-pound sophomore was a first. Hansen appeared to have a fine run to the 35, but holding brought it back. Pettersen went left for a good gain plus a face mask penalty was tacked on for a first. Hansen found 5 in the middle. Moonen went right for what appeared to be another good gainer, but a flag brought that back. Fossum looked to pass, but kept to the 38 at 3:40. On 3rd-and-9, Fossum rolled left and found Moonen for a half a ball short of a first. At 2:50 a pitch to Moonen was a first at the 25. Fossum rolled right and put up a little toss in the vicinity of Butkiewicz and Gerard with Gerard needing some time. On a broken play Moonen got 3 for 3rd-and-6. A middle right pitch to Moonen was a first. Hansen took it the 5 at :50. Moonen got very little and MLWR called time at :36.9. Hansen ran for 3rd-and-4 and the Rebels called time again. A great fake went to the right and a lob pass found Adamczak nearly all alone. Although the try for point was stopped, the Rebels were up 12-0 with 25 ticks remaining before the break.

Butkiewicz's kick was short and a good return to the 44 began the second half. Esko quickly closed the gap to 12-6 at 11:43.

A Turner TD and run boosted Esko to a slim 14-12 lead at 7:27.

A liner was a good return by Butkiewicz to the 47. A counter to Moonen on the right went the distance for a 53-yard score. Flags went Esko, but then against MLWR. The Rebels tried a pass over the line, but it was no good and the score stood 18-14 at 7:04.

A low and good kick was bobbled at the 5 and lost at the 13 with Butkiewicz recovering. The Rebels worked from the shotgun at 6:57, but a Hansen run was a loss of 1. Moonen ran the middle left to the 4 and Butkiewicz took it to the 3. It was Moonen around the right side and inside the pylon for the TD. The points try went nowhere, but the Rebels went up 24-14 at 4:43.

The third quarter closed with the Rebels holding at 24-14 advantage.

Turner would close the gap quickly as he got loose around the left side and sprinted for a big TD and with the points being good, MLWR was up just 24-22 at 11:44.

Butkiewicz got a good return to the 41. Pettersen went right for 3. Butkiewicz pulled then ran off the right side all the way to the 9. Hansen hammered to the 5. The Rebels suffered an illegal procedure, but a pitch to Hansen took it to inside the 2. Moonen went spinning for the TD and got the 2 point conversion for 32-22.

Riihilouma got a fine interception on the left side to get the Rebels the ball back at 7:04. They went three-and-out after a fumble and a flag. Fossum's high end-over-ender went to the 37 at 5:15.

Esko scored another TD, but the points were no good for 32-28.

Pettersen took the kick to the 45. The Rebels got an illegal procedure. Pettersen got a nice left run and Butkiewicz added 10 to the left. Moonen took it to the 8. Butkiewicz hammered the right side, but the Rebels had held and Esko declined and took time at 1:43. From the 8, a pitch back to Moonen, with a fine cut back, was his fourth TD. A pass for points to Adamczak was not caught. MLWR was back to a 10-point lead at 38-28.

The Rebels travel to play the Pine City Dragons Friday, September 12 at 7 p.m.


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