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By Wick Fisher
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Spend a week in 'Wick's World'

Wick's World


I spent two long days at the Minnesota State Fair and helped to usher in the month of September. True to its word, the State Fair marked the end of summer. For the record, I have never before been to the State Fair when the weather was not hot and humid and so uncomfortable that I had a hard time enjoying anything but a cold beverage. This year was the best weather many had ever experienced while attending the country’s second largest fair, just behind Texas, which somehow finds a way to be the biggest at everything.

It’s Monday morning, which is always a great day to play Monday morning quarterback. Rarely do the Minnesota Vikings start out a season with the gusto they displayed yesterday against the injury-ridden St. Louis Rams. Both offense and defense displayed the talent and effort it takes to win. Buy your Super Bowl tickets now!

Although the Moose Lake school recently got handed an unprecedented multi-million dollar gift from the state to help build a new school, there are still some voices that would rather look a gift horse in the mouth and say, “No deal.”

Not to say that some pertinent questions are being raised that deserve legitimate answers. Some impertinent questions belong in a category all their own. It’s obvious someone could have benefited from a basic class in civics back when they were in school. It might have helped defray the unwarranted attacks and flaming rhetoric that asks the voters of Moose Lake School District to throw millions of dollars at a worn-out flood-damaged school building better suited for the 1950s television drama “Sea Hunt.”

The fun night of the week happened when we went to a play with my wife’s bosses. I would describe them as fairly conservative Christians and I was a little wary about how they would react to “The Book of Mormon.” I would describe this play written by two buddies who brought you the crude television series “South Park” as the most vile, profane, insulting piece of work to ever hit the stage. It was so dastardly written, yet so humorous, that even the Mormon Church embraced it. The booklet that accompanies the play sold the Mormon Church three full pages of advertising their version of religion.

Although the play was highly offensive to say the least, it was also one of the funniest stage productions I have ever witnessed. Way before the 15-minute intermission, our guests were laughing as hard as the rest of the audience. The play was so outlandish that I can understand why the Mormon Church decided to embrace the play rather than condemn it.

I read that the police department in Mankato, in an effort to curb student drinking, removed all the trees, shrubs and potted flowers in a popular night club area. Ostensibly, this would allow them to keep a better eye on things. I thought, “You got to be kidding me!”

What’s next? Denuding the streets along the University of Minnesota campus or maybe clear-cutting all the forests around casinos that are near any place of higher learning. I think the money would have been better spent by sending the cops over to the Minnesota State campus to attend classes.

If you think our country funds too many silly studies, listen to what Japan just did. They funded a study to see if wolf yawns are contagious. What they discovered is that the wolves will yawn if it’s instigated by a human. However, they won’t yawn if it is started by a dog or another wolf. Well, thank you for that information. If I get attacked by a Japanese wolf, I will be sure to start yawning.


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