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By Lois E. Johnson
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Beware of new phone scam


People have been getting calls from themselves, Carlton County Sheriff Kelly Lake told the TRIAD group at their meeting on Wednesday, September 3.

“The name and number on the Caller ID shows that the call is coming from your number,” Sheriff Lake explained. “If you answer, it will open up all kinds of things. One lady said that she had gotten three calls like that.”

Sheriff Lake, Moose Lake Police Chief Bryce Bogenholm and new Cloquet Police Chief Steve Stracek spoke to the group about recent activities in the area.

Chief Stracek spoke about a predatory offender from Missouri who was arrested in Cloquet recently.

“He had lived in Superior and up the North Shore,” he said. “He was using his middle name.

“Then he ended up in Cloquet. His girlfriend applied for a job in Carlton. As they started checking into her information, they discovered a possible connection to the offender.

“Information was received that the couple was often seen pushing a double stroller. One of our officers saw the couple right in front of his squad car. He took a picture of him with his cell phone and sent it to the authorities in Missouri.

“The answer came back to arrest him and hold him until they came to get him.”

The offender was arrested and held for a week before he was transported back to Missouri.

Chief Stracek said there were children in the stroller. They are being looked after.

Sheriff Lake said when a person is being held for extradition there is no bail. The offender has to appear before a local judge in an extradition hearing. They are allowed to have a lawyer, she said. Most offenders already have an attorney.

“They have rights,” Sheriff Lake added. “They can say whether they will go back or not go back to their home state.

“I will not spend the money to go and get a person from Carlton County in another state who is found not to have a driver’s license. But we do extradite for more serious crimes. There are companies that we hire to bring an offender back to us. That is a more cost-effective solution.”

Sheriff Lake said they have had offenders brought back from Colorado and Washington state in the past.

“The $3,000 cost of the extradition from Washington was split with the county attorney’s office,” she said. “That helped our budget.”

Sheriff Lake had the File of Life medical information cards that can be filled out and attached to a refrigerator in the home or carried in a person’s wallet or purse in the event of a medical emergency. Stickers can be attached to the door of the home or to a car window to let emergency responders know the information is available inside the home or on the person.

Fire chiefs and first responders will be informed that the File of Life medical information cards are going to be distributed among senior citizens in the county, Sheriff Lake added.

The medical information cards have space for information about two people in the home. The cards are a project initiated by the Minnesota TRIAD group and will be available only to senior citizens at the present time.

“I would like to have the File of Life medical emergency cards for everyone in the county, but my budget won’t allow for that,” said Sheriff Lake. “We are going to be applying for grants to fund the project.”

The law enforcement officers spoke of the continued theft of copper from underground lines at substations for Minnesota Power and Lake Country Power.

“Those lines carry a lot of current,” said Sheriff Lake. “It’s lucky that no one died. Somebody must know what they are doing.”

Chief Stracek added, “The hard part is to prove that the copper that comes to the scrap yards is from those thefts. There are no markings.”

Chief Bogenholm reported there is a lot of prescription drug abuse in the area.

“I have been meeting with the people from the hospital and clinic,” he added. “It’s a huge problem.”

An offender at the Department of Corrections in Moose Lake swallowed a controlled substance that had been passed to him, probably from a visitor, Chief Bogenholm reported.

“He swallowed it to hide it,” he said. “It created a medical emergency.”

Chief Bogenholm also told the group to be aware of students now that school is open.

“Be aware of kids in the crosswalks and on other routes to school,” he said.

The budget is a concern of Chief Bogenholm’s. “We probably won’t get a new squad car this year,” he said. “We want to keep the levy at zero to help the school bond referendum pass.”

Sheriff Lake talked about the levels of sex offenders.

“Level 1 offenders are the least likely to re-offend,” she said. “Level 3 offenders are the most likely to re-offend. The levels are assigned after the offender has gone through the prison system.

“We have some Level 1s in Carlton County and a couple of Level 2s. Most of the Level 3s are in prison or at the MSOP. There are two Level 3s in the county.”

Sheriff Lake said the age groups of people who have been victims of the offender are notified, such as schools and day care facilities, if a Level 2 is living in their area. "The community is notified if a Level 3 is living in their area. We can’t give the person’s address but most people figure it out anyway.”

Sheriff Lake added that sex offenders are monitored closely.

“We keep track of them,” she said. “The ones that you have to worry about are the people who have not been convicted as a sexual predator. We want you to report anything unusual.”

Sheriff Lake warned the group to respect the rules that offenders who have served their time have rights to live in the community.

“If the rules start to get abused by the public, you risk changes in the law. No one will be notified.”

There will be no meeting of the TRIAD group in October. The next meeting was set for Wednesday, November 5, at 10 a.m. at the Carlton County Transportation Building. Judge Leslie Beiers is scheduled to speak.


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