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Election filing closes

Who's running for office?


The candidate filing period for federal, state and county offices ended June 3.

For more information about who is running for office use the Minnesota Secretary of State's candidate finder tool at

The following are those who have filed for county races.

Carlton County

District 2 Commissioner: Marv Bodie

District 4 Commissioner: Terry Lund, Paul Mickelson, Pat Oman, Mark Thell, Susan Zmyslony

Auditor/Treasurer: Paul G. Gassert

Sheriff: Kelly Lake

Attorney: Dennis D. Genereau Jr., Thomas H. Pertler

Coroner: No candidates filed

Soil and Water Supervisor District 2: James L. Nynas

Soil and Water Supervisor District 3: Hubert M. Loy

Pine County

District 1 Commissioner: Stephen Hallan

District 2 Commissioner: Brett A. Grinde, Joshua Mohr, Bill Saumer, Judy T. Yorston

District 5 Commissioner: Matt Ludwig

Auditor/Treasurer: Cathy J. Clemmer

Sheriff: Stephen Forner, Jeff Nelson, Jared Rosati, Brett Westbrook

Attorney: Steven C. Cundy, Reese Frederickson

Soil and Water Supervisor District 1: Doug Odegard

Soil and Water Supervisor District 5: Gerald Telker

The following are those who have filed for state and federal races.

State Representative

District 11A: Tim Hafvenstein, Republican; Mike Sundin, Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL)

District 11B: Jason Rarick, Republican; Tim Faust, DFL

U.S. Representative

District 8: Ray Skip Sandman, Green Party; Stewart Mills, Republican; Rick Nolan, DFL

U.S. Senator

Heather Johnson, Libertarian Party; Tom Books, Independence; Steve Carlson, Independence; Jack Shepard, Independence; Kevin Terrell, Independence; Stephen Williams, Independence; Jim Abeler, Republican; David Carlson, Republican; Mike McFadden, Republican; Patrick D. Munro, Republican; O. Savior, Republican; Al Franken, DFL; Sandra Henningsgard, DFL.


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