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By Eddie Jane Pelkey
Moose Lake Star Gazette 

Garden of Eden is where we find it


Now that spring has finally arrived, it is possible to sit on the deck or patio and enjoy the emerging floral displays that will soon burst into summer colors. It always strikes me how close we are to beauty and how often we fail to see it.

Beauty is one of those precious commodities that can be found almost anywhere. For me, looking at a ramshackle shack brings an image of wood grains exposed by many years of erosion from wind, rain and sunshine. I love wood. It doesn’t matter if it is sparkling new cedar on a deck or if it is the silvered sheen on a rundown shack ­— I still see the beauty within.

Isn’t that the way it is with a lot of things? We can look at objects and never see the beauty within.

I’m one of those positive thinkers who find glory in the darndest places. I used to wander around my dad’s hometown in Louisiana and find fence posts that spoke to me of the backyards of summer, complete with windblown laundry and playing children.

If you’re like me, I know you've wondered what was in the Garden of Eden. My old images of Eden showed a place of perfection where there was no crime, or hate, and everyone loved one another. There was food for everyone and no one went without. Well, the original was certainly lost to us way back when. However, I still have some vivid ideas of Eden that are transplanted into my own backyard.

I think Eden is where we find it. Too many times I think the concept of this perfect place seems lost to us. Yet, in the deepest part of my heart, I really believe we can still be in touch with this mystical place of harmony and grace.

I don’t ever want to think I cannot wander in my own backyard and not be able to find that part of Eden that speaks to me. Donald and I have planted a number of beautiful plants, and we have shared this spot with a number of people and animals. Our Eden is filled with the tender care of garden caretakers who believe there is peace and beauty to be found in the smallest creations of nature. All those pesky stones dug from the garden beds add a special beauty to the landscape.

Yes, it would be wonderful if all of us could just step into this mystical place of beauty at will. We could breathe in the scented air of a special garden that knows no unkind word or deed. We can create a special spot that has meaning for us and those we love and cherish. Our Eden can be a home where we insist on truth and love, not bitterness and resentment.

In truth, our Eden is where we create it to be. When I sit within the bounds of my medicine wheel garden, I feel the peace of nature and the communion of loving spirit. From my perspective it is important to have such a place for spiritual replenishment and serenity. The medicine wheel is a circle of blue and white spruce and a cedar tree. They surround a grassy area with a large rock in the center of the wheel. It’s a grandfather rock that represents the solidarity of the relationship between the human and the divine. It is a place of tranquility and a meeting place for prayer and contemplation. In fact, it is the center of my Garden of Eden.

One thing I know for sure, each of us has our own special Garden of Eden. It speaks to us and offers the solace and beauty when we have need of such a place. Sometimes it’s just of matter of finding it.

The search is worth the reward.


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