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By Lois Johnson
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School delays contract approval


Pictured is an example of the amount of sediment that coats the inside of the pipes in the Moose Lake School's plumbing system. The portion of pipe is wrapped in a paper towel.

The Moose Lake School Board again delayed approval of the contract with the developer of property once owned by the school district on Highway 73 in the southern portion of the city, at the meeting of the board on Monday, March 17.

The city now owns the approximately 24 acres, and will sell it to the developer after the school board approves the contract.

Superintendent Robert Indihar said he had expected to receive a copy of the development agreement between the city and the developer but it had not arrived before the meeting.

"The Land Committee said to present the information to the board," he added. "I advise that you vote on the contract in April."

Board member Julie Peterson pointed out that the school board had wanted the property reverted back to the city, if the developer could not fulfill the contract, and then the school district, if the city did not want the property for some reason.

However, she said the purchase price of the property will be funded by a bank loan. She said the property would be owned by the bank if the developer could not fulfill the contract, for some unforeseen reason.

Board member Scott Benoit asked if the bank could hold the property without development.

Supt. Indihar explained there were stipulations in the contract that whomever held it would have to develop the property.

"I get tired of being accused of preventing development," said Peterson. "We want development out there. We will still have the better piece of land."

The school district is selling the land for $100,000.

Supt. Indihar had a portion of pipe from the school's plumbing system that was filled with sediment to show the board members. He explained that a student had dropped a weight on the pipe in the weight room and broke it.

The pipe was heavily coated with sediment inside, and some of the sediment had broken loose and caused other problems in the plumbing system that had to be repaired.

"The representative from Johnson Controls said that all of our pipes are like this," he said.

Supt. Indihar also said the Moose Lake school was listed as one of the top schools for graduation rates last year. The Moose Lake school ranked 26th out of 587 schools, with a rate of 96.88 percent of the students graduating.

"That's one of the best in the area," he added.

High school Principal Billie Jo Steen presented another report to the board with more details about block scheduling. She said that members of the student council are overwhelmingly in favor of block scheduling.

The projected cost savings for block scheduling is $22,000 but $12,000 in additional costs for resources and staff development costs is expected. Those would be one-time costs, said Steen.

The board approved leasing buses for another three years from Hogland Bus Company on a per unit basis. There is a possibility that one route will be cut, it was said.

Probationary teacher Gregory Eliason's full-time contract was not renewed. A new contract with Eliason for three-fourths time was approved.

In other business the board approved the revised budget for the 2013-14 school year.

The next meeting of the board was set for Monday, April 21, at 5 p.m., even though there is no school that day.


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