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By Colette Stadin
Moose Lake Star Gazette 

Sometimes you have to go for it

From the Editor


Do you ever feel like you’re leaping into the dark when it comes to parenting? You know, you close your eyes real tight and hope for a soft landing?

Last week I had that feeling.

Throughout my nearly two years with the Moose Lake Star-Gazette, my husband and I have discussed potentially switching the school our children, Sam (10) and Grace (7), attend.

The distance from the Gazette office to school, nearly half an hour, meant we had to pick and choose what events we could attend and the after-school activities the kids could take part in. Moving them to Moose Lake would put an end to this issue. An added bonus, I can drive them to school, eliminating an extremely long bus ride and allowing them to sleep in an extra hour.

After a tour of the school with Principal Kraig Konietzko the week before, they spent a “trial” day in their potential classes last Monday. All day, I had virtually no ability to focus. I was nervous for them. Being the new kid can be difficult.

Sam is in fifth grade. After so many years spent developing friendships in a school he had attended since preschool, this was a major change for him. “Better now than when he’s older,” everyone told me as I discussed the pros and cons of the potential switch with them.

In an effort to make the day easier for Grace, I had lunch with her. She said she needed me; she definitely did not. When I got there she had a swarm of enthusiastic, chatty little girls showing her the ropes. She didn’t even sit by me.

Whew, I could breathe a little easier knowing she had friends and her day was going well. But, what about Sam? No 10-year-old boy wants his mom to check up on him, so I stayed away.

As I waited in the hallway at the end of the day and watched the clock, 3:15 couldn’t come fast enough.

There was Grace. “Everyone wants to hold my hand,” she said. As far as complaints go, that’s not so bad. “Tomorrow’s chewing gum Tuesday!” she added excitedly.

One down, one to go.

Finally, I saw Sam. “I want to switch. Can we switch?” he said. I couldn’t have asked for more.

After such a great day, we took the leap and enrolled them in Moose Lake Elementary School. Since the kids were happy, we decided, switching them would be the best for our family.

With a warm and welcoming environment, plus amazing teachers, Sam and Grace are taking this major life-changing event in stride.

Sure, there will be bumps along the way and they’re leaving behind good friends and teachers at their old school, but we made the right decision.

Sometimes you have to close your eyes and go for it; take that leap. We went for it and now I am the proud parent of two new Rebels.


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