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By Dan Lingle
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Bombers glide past Eagles


Dan Lingle

Bomber Daron Mainville hit the 1,000 point mark during the December 17 game against the East Central Eagles.

The night of December 17 brought a physical battle as the East Central Eagles commuted to Barnum to take on the Bombers.

It was a slow night as both teams found it difficult to get to the basket, but it was Cheyanne Johnson who got the game rolling, going to the free throw line to sink one of two free throws to put the Bombers on the board first.

It was then Daron Mainville and Megan Nelson that went to work for the Bombers. Mainville started the game a mere four points shy of 1,000 career points. It took several minutes, but she soon made this milestone. Mainville sunk three shots from the paint before the Eagles closed in and forced her outside. It didn't take long before Mainville showed the Eagles that she was just as good from outside as she was beneath the basket, as she drained a pair from beyond the arc.

As the Eagles fought to prevent Mainville from scoring, Nelson took the opportunity to take the ball to the basket and show why she can be just as deadly as Mainville.

Meanwhile, Lauren Hultgren, Emma Koski and Jaelyn Bushey cleaned up the loose balls to allow the Bombers to control much of the game.

On the opposite side, it was Briana Paige and Hana Fletcher that were strong scorers for the Eagles. The Eagles found it tough to get the ball inside, so they moved outside with several players draining three-point shots from beyond the arc. Samantha Koland, Briana Paige, Bailey Kroschel, and Fletcher all drained three-pointers to keep the Eagles in the game.

Briana Paige ended the night with 13 points, while Fletcher added 10 points, Kroschel ended the evening with seven points, Lizzy Swanson and Morgan Johnson both put up six points, and Koland landed one three-pointer for her three points for the night. This gave the Eagles 45 points for the game.

The Bombers, however, fared better, led by Mainville with 29 points, two from beyond the arc, and seven for seven from the free throw line. Nelson got 10 points, two of which were from the free throw line. Next Bushey added seven second half points to the Bombers' score. Cheyanne Johnson was again held to only five points for the night, while Koski got her chance to show why she's playing varsity with three points, but she was a defensive nightmare for the Eagles as she was everywhere getting after the ball and allowing the Bombers to control the game.

The Bombers walked away with the 54-45 victory, and Mainville boosted her career total points to 1,025, breaking the 1,000-point goal that she had set for herself.


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