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By Colette Stadin
Moose Lake Star Gazette 

Let your very own 'normal' shine

From the Editor


If I was ever asked the best way to describe my family it would be completely normal.


Rewind. Now read the first paragraph with a bit of sarcasm.

There you go. By normal, I mean not-so-normal, but in a good way.

Really, what family isn’t a little odd? Something is wrong if there’s not a small dose of not-so-normal in your “normal” family life.

The family I married into is not afraid to have some fun and show their sense of humor, and in a very visible way I might add.

But I love it.

Take, for example, our family photos this weekend.

As a Christmas gift to my mother-in-law, Deb, the families of her children, Terri, Paul (my husband) and Wayne Jr. pooled together for family photos. It’s something she’s wanted for some time (though not everybody in the group was quite so thrilled).

Yes, there was some procrastination and various events got in the way, but we finally scheduled the photo session for Sunday.

In my household, the morning was spent bathing children, braiding hair, ironing clothes, keeping those clothes clean, and packing backup clothes.

We were about to go out the door, though already late, when my sister-in-law, Terri, and her family showed up at our door dressed to impress in what was more Halloween wear than dress clothes.

I can hear Deb’s words now, “Wear neutral colors. You know, no stripes next to plaids or crazy, bold colors.”

The goal was to look good as a group.

Well, ultimately Terri’s crew was having too much fun, so we joined in.

Look good we did when we arrived for photos. The eight of us arriving together wore every pattern and color imaginable, and also donned wigs, beards, glasses — you name it, we were wearing it.

“I should have known,” laughed Molly Silvernale, our cousin and photographer aficionado, when we walked in.

Poor Deb sure gets picked on, but she can also take a joke — a must-have skill in this family.

We managed to get through a couple hours of serious photos, which included uncooperative children and cold, windy weather, before we broke out the box of wardrobe awesomeness.

In the end, we have some amazing family photos we will cherish for all time and also a spot-on photo of our family’s “normal.”

So, my advice to everyone is to have a sense of humor, be silly sometimes and let your very own “normal” shine; life is a lot more fun that way.


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