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By Al Rose
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Rebels win in semifinals

Rebels sprint past Golden Bears


Al Rose

Moose Lake-Willow River Rebel Jon Evenson runs the ball in the October 26 Section 7AA semifinal game against the Eveleth-Gilbert Golden Bears. The Rebels won 58-13.

The Rebels sprinted past the Golden Bears with a big 58-13 victory in the semifinals of Section 7AA in Willow River on Saturday, October 26. David Moonen had 176 rushing with sprints of 52 and 80 yards to lead the way. Jon Evenson ran for 116 yards, including a dash of 84 yards and a 14-yard scamper. Josh Pettersen had runs of 14 and 36 yards and ended up with 84 yards rushing.

Alex Kenemore added a four-yard score and had a pass interception. Bryce Butkiewicz ended the scoring with an 11-yard TD romp. Ike Pederson also had a pass interception and Dylan Lovegreen had a quarterback sack.

The Rebels, at 9-0, after a quarterfinal bye play 6-4 Mesabi East for the championship at Duluth Public Schools Stadium on Thursday, October 31 at 7 p.m.

The Golden Bears kicked to Thomas Hansen who returned from the 16 to the 39. Moonen went left for 6. Pettersen went left for third-and-2. It was Moonen sprinting for a 52-yard TD. Pettersen got the call for the two-point conversion and it was 8-0 at just 10:32.

Charlie Adamczak kicked and it was a good return from the 16 to the 45. A roll and pass left was incomplete. A run left was a first down. Nothing was allowed in the middle by Josh Leornard. A roll left and pass left was completed to the 20, but a pass interception by Ike Pederson followed at 8:48.

A quick out to Kody Gerard gained 4. Lovegreen ran for a first down to the 16. Pettersen went left for a first down to the 36. A pass to Pederson on the flat was incomplete. Brad Fossum ran to the Golden Bears' 41. Moonen hit the middle left for fourth-and-1. Moonen took it to the 41. Evenson was held to a yard left. A pass to Evenson was incomplete. Fossum was hit as he threw and the pass was intercepted at 4:59.

A run up the middle was a first down, but the next was a loss of 1 with Leonard there. A middle run was corralled by Ezra Szczyrbak for no gain. A pass was intercepted by Kenemore and returned to the 38 at 3:15.

Pettersen ran the middle to the 25. Lovegreen rumbled to the 14 for a first down. Pettersen got the TD on the right side and ran the two-point as well for 16-0 at 2:21.

Adamczak's kick to the 25 was bobbled and returned to the 25 with Lovegreen on the stop. A middle run was good for just 2 against Leonard and Evenson. A left keeper was 6 with Pedersen up. An option was close to a first, but the Golden Bears elected to punt as Jeremiah Chavez had kept it short. The punt bounced to the 37.

Pettersen's counter was only a yard. A deep pass down the left side for Evenson was incomplete and a pass over the middle to Gerard was incomplete as well. Fossum's good punt was covered by Kenemore and Sczyrbak at the 19.

A left side run was only 1 against Moonen and Milan Dragicevich and a right side run was hunted down for a loss of 1 by Dragicevich. A toss was good for 4 and the Golden Bears punted. The run back was hammered by Evenson and Hunter Herzog at the 22.

A pass out to the right for Lovegreen was 4. Moonen went left for 3. Lovegreen pounded the left for a first down. It was Pettersen with a 36-yard sprint left. A middle masher by Lovegreen was good for the two-point and 24-0 at 7:47.

A short kick to the 30 was taken to the 43 with Adamczak stopping. Leonard hit the back in the backfield for a loss of 5 and the middle was only 2 against Leonard. A fumble appeared to be recovered by the Rebels, but the back was called down by contact. The punt rolled to the 10 at 5:25.

A pass out to Evenson was 5 on the right. Moonen was held to 1 in the middle, but the very next play it was Evenson breaking free and out-distancing the pursuers and with one one good cut, running for the TD. On a fine fake pitch, it was a pass left to Gerard for 32-0 at 3:56.

The kick was returned to the 33 with Hansen and Brett Hawkins tackling. A left run went nowhere as Chavez was there. A slant pass was complete for a first down. A right run was smoked by Moonen for a loss of 2. Lovegreen got a quarterback sack for a big loss of 8. A pass was complete to the 40 with Kenemore and Chavez stopping. A high, spiral of a punt died on the 20.

A pass down the right was off Evenson's hands. With 34 seconds left, it was Moonen getting sprung for an 80-yard dash. Adamczak's kick was good for 39-0 at 0:21.

The kick to the 25 was returned to the 41 with Hawkins tackling. A middle run ended the half as Dragicevich stopped and the Rebels took a lead of 39-0 into the break.

Adamaczak's short sidewinder was returned to the 46. An option left was handled by Adamczak and Hunter Halverson. A keeper was tackled by Dragecivich and a pass to the right side was gang tackled. On fourth-and-4, a pass was over the head of the receiver and the Rebels took over on downs.

Moonen hit the middle for 6. A deep pass to Gerard was incomplete. A big rush came on a pass attempt to Pettersen on the left. Moonen ran for a first down at 8:55. A pass was a beauty to Gerard and a nice catch to the 14. At 8:23, Evenson waltzed in untouched around the left side for the TD. Adamczak's kick was no good but it was 45-0 at 8:04.

A short kick was returned to the 43 with Szczyrbak stopping. A run went to the 47 with Pedersen having to tackle. A run right was a first to the 32. A run right was good to the 76 with Justin Hibke tackling. A run left was not much against Pettersen, but the pass was complete from the 6 on the left side back of the endzone for a TD and the kick was a real boot for the point afterward, and 45-7 at 6:13.

Moonen received the kick and was hammered at the 20. Lovegreen hit the left middle for 5. Kenemore had a good run, but it was called back to the 15 at 5:14 on a hold. Evenson sprung free to the 34 for a first down. A deep pass by Fossum was a beautiful layout catch by Kenemore down the left side to the 35 at 4:12. Moonen was limited to 3 on a counter. Lovegreen plowed the middle to the 25. Kenemore had a powerful churning and turning, breaking tackles for a first to the 4. Kenemore got the call and the TD as he burst through the right middle. Adamczak's kick was good for 52-7 at 2:08.

Bryceton Butkiewicz's kick was decent and Quinn Evan got a tackle on the 32. A pass went right to the 26. A QB draw was good to 23 with Thomas Hansen tackling. The quarterback kept and ran to just inside the left pylon. A run got it in, but the kick was no good for 52-13 at 0:52.

Emilee Franklin

Moose Lake-Willow River Rebel Bryceton Butkiewicz barrels down field in the October 26 Section 7AA semifinal game in Willow River against the Eveleth-Gilbert Golden Bears. The Rebels claimed the blowout victory 58-13.

A booming kick to the 5 was returned by Moonen to the 24. With Connor Radel at quarterback, Butkiewicz had a good carry. A fumble had to be covered by Radel. Butkiewicz broke a tackle and ran to the 44. Middle runs by Dragecivich and Adarius Hopkins made it third-and-2. Hansen went right for a fine first down run. Butkiewicz went left, but a flag flew. Schwarzbauer hit the middle for and Hansen went right for a first down. A fumble lost 7, but it was Butkiewicz from 11 yards with a sprint around the left side for the TD. The run for points was no good but the score was 58-13 at 6:42.

Butkiewicz kicked. Thomas Hansen tackled on a middle run. A right run was a first. A middle run was stopped by Bobby Moffett and Jake Blaise. A middle left run got a few as Chris Regan tackled. The Golden Bears' very good kick nearly hit a 42-yard field goal as it missed just a foot or two left.

Butkiewicz ran for 4. A pitch to Alex Tackett got a yard. The Rebels took a time out before Possum punted. Ethan Hibke got the tackle on the return. A fumble ensued and the clock ran out.

The Rebels showed a decent mix of run and pass in the blowout victory and seemed very ready to be faster and more physical and to go on to the next level to vie for yet another Section 7AA championship.


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