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By Dan Lingle
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Bombers advance in 7A playoffs


Dan Lingle

The Barnum Bombers football team hosted the Warriors of Deer River on October 26.

The Warriors received the ball first and began to move the ball, but the Bombers' defense would have none of it. The Bombers held the Warriors to just four plays on their first possession and forced them to punt the ball away.

The Bombers returned the punt to the Warriors' 42 yard line, and began to march the ball up field. Zac Carlson took the handoff and the ball to the 4 yard line for a first down. A flag against the Bombers on the next play moved the ball back to the 9 yard line, where Carlson took the handoff once again and ran in for the touchdown. Brandon Newman took the ball in for the 2-point conversion, Bombers leading 8-0.

The Bombers then kicked off and the Warriors received the ball deep in their own territory and returned it to the 29 yard line, where they began to move the ball up field. The Warriors moved the ball all the way to the Bombers' Deshon Robinson, who prevented the Warriors from scoring, knocking a player out of bounds at the 3 yard line.

The Bomber defense then went into a prevent defense and began to push the Warriors back from the goal line. On a 3rd and 4 yards to go, Bomber Tommy Ziegler burst through the front line and sacked the Warriors' quarterback at the 11 yard line.

With a 4th and goal from the 11 yard line, the Bombers' defense had to stop the Warriors one more time. They stopped the Warriors on the 5 yard line, where the Bombers took control of the ball.

The Bombers then began moving the ball up the field, but the Warriors defense put up a strong fight. The Bombers were forced to punt the ball. The Warriors took over control of the ball on their own 29 yard line, where it was up to the Bomber defense to take control once again.

With a 3rd and 3 yards to go, Bombers Jaxon Lind and Brady Youngberg chased down the Warriors' quarterback for the sack, forcing the Warriors to punt the ball again.

The Warriors had a great punt, pushing the ball all the way down to the Bombers' 13 yard line. Bombers Cody Shelgren, Tanner Fuglestad, and Brandon Newman began to move the ball down the field, but it was a pass to Carlson all the way to the Warriors' 7 yard line that set up a Newman touchdown, with Newman also taking in the 2-point conversion. Bombers led 16-0 going into halftime.

The Bombers then came out of half time with the ball first. The Warriors kicked deep into the Bombers' end where Shelgren caught the ball and brought it back. Finding a seam through the Warriors' kick off team, he took it all the way to the Warriors' 9 yard line before they caught him.

It then took Newman two attempts to pound the ball into the end zone for another Bomber touchdown. It was a pass from Newman to Colton Ziegler for the 2-point conversion, giving the Bombers a 24-0 lead.

It was then the Warriors' turn to march the ball down the field. They pounded the ball down to their 45 yard line, but it was Bomber Tory Slater that put a stop to the Warriors' drive.

On a pass play, Slater got his hand up and tipped the Warrior pass. The ball fell into his hands and he returned it to the Warriors' 37 yard line for the interception. The Bombers then moved the ball again and the drive ended with a pass from Newman to Carlson for yet another Bomber touchdown, with Shelgren running the ball in for the 2-point conversion, giving the Bombers a 32-0 lead.

The Bombers then pinned the Warriors deep in their own side, where the Bombers began to move them in a backwards motion, forcing the Warriors to attempt a pass play. This time, however, it was Bomber Mitchell Weller that came away with the pass interception and returned the ball to the Warriors' 15 yard line.

Shelgren took the handoff to the 9 yard line, setting up another Newman touchdown. The Bombers lined up to go for the extra point, but it was blocked. The Bombers extended their lead to 38-0.

The Bombers' defense continued to plague the Warriors, preventing the Warriors from moving the ball. With 8:32 left in the game, Shelgren put up the Bombers' final touchdown of the game, with the extra point failing, giving the Bombers a 44-0 lead.

The Bombers then began to rotate in the reserve players. Finally the Warriors were able to move the ball, pounding it all the way to the Bombers' 19 yard line.

Dan Lingle

Bomber Zac Carlson breaks out of the back field and runs the ball in for the touchdown.

The Bombers' reserve defense had to put up a strong battle to stop the Warriors just short of a first down, forcing a turnover on downs.

The Bombers reserve offense did not fair as well, as the Warriors pushed them in a reward momentum. The Bombers' drive resulted in a safety, giving the Warriors their first 2 points of the night.

The Warriors then got one more chance to score before the end of the game. With time running out, they were able to move the ball all the way to the Bombers' 4 yard line where time ran out.

Time ran out before the Warriors could pound the ball into the end zone, ending the game with the Bombers ahead 44-2.

The Barnum Bombers advance in Section 7A playoffs to play Braham at Duluth Public Schools Stadium Thursday, October 31 at 4:45 p.m.


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