Willow closer to property buyouts

City of Willow River adopts All-Hazard Mitigation plan


Willow River Clerk Connie Ecklund presented the Pine County All-Hazard Mitigation resolution for signing at the October 7 meeting. The county’s letter to the city stated, “This Plan makes your city eligible for federal mitigation and disaster funding through FEMA.” The council adopted the plan, bringing the county one step closer toward proceeding with the June 2012 flood property buyouts. All the cities in the county must adopt the plan for the buyouts to proceed.

The city’s newly acquired John Deere 544E Wheel Loader was on display outside Willow River City Hall for the council. The council requested city worker Todd Anderson to seek quotes on a used sander that can be attached to the city’s truck. Anderson also stated they still needed a strobe light for the loader. The old orange truck was successfully sold through Do-bid.

Anderson reported the Sinnott contractors are scheduled to begin crack sealing on the city roads on Wednesday. The area by Peggy Sue’s restaurant has been holding water because the gravel in the parking lot was damming it back along the edge of the new pavement. Anderson was directed by the council to landscape the gravel on the city owned right-of-way to allow the water to continue its flow. Peggy Sue’s owner, Albert Villa, was present at the meeting and agreed to work with the city on this problem. Villa said, “We need to fix this for the customers.”

Anderson brought up the situation of water puddling by the football field. Councilmen Tom Jensen and Sheldon Johnson asked Anderson to get quotes for directional boring so a drain could be installed. The council also said there would be a need to landscape the city right-of-way after Anderson puts in a drain.

Ecklund presented an email that was sent to the city and Jensen in reference to the Wyatt’s Cove gravel problem. It stated that Fjosne Construction will be correcting the issue on or before October 21. The council asked Anderson and Councilman Daryl Poslusny to inspect the gravel once finished.

Other business

Mayor Vicki Whitehouse asked Ecklund to find out what cemetery funds were available to help gravel the travel lanes located in the cemetery.

Anderson reported the North Willow Street graveling had been completed.

The council approved the new salt being hauled by Robert’s Excavating to Bonks from Superior Wisconsin’s Northern American Salt.


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