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By Al Rose
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Rebels trounce Titans


The Moose Lake-Willow River Rebels battle the Greenway-Nashwauk-Keewatin Titans in Willow River September 27. The Rebels trounced the Titans 56-14.

The second-ranked 5-0 Rebels trounced the Greenway-Nashwauk-Keewatin Titans 56-14 in Willow River on Friday, September 27. Josh Pettersen rushed for 139 on just 10 carries and led the Rebels with three touchdowns. Ezra Szczyrbak and Josh Leonard each had a quarterback sack.

MLWR’s Charlie Adamczak kicked to the Titans and was in on the tackle with David Moonen at the 38. A right carry got very little with Moonen and Dylan Lovegreen stopping. A middle run went nowhere against Lovegreen. A pass to the right side was incomplete and the punt rolled to just inside the 20 at 10:34.

Pettersen hit the left side for 3 and Moonen ran the middle for 2. A pass was in and out of the hands of Kody Gerard and Brad Fossum punted a beauty of 59 yards with a great bounce and roll all the way to the 19.

A fumbled snap was recovered by GNK. A pass down the right side went the distance from Ryan Richtsmeier to Cole Kalisch. A pass for the 2-point to the left side was incomplete, but the Titans had jumped to a 6-0 lead at 8:16.

Thomas Hansen got a good return to the 48. Lovegreen got four yards on the right middle and Pettersen hit the same spot for a first down at 7:24. Lovegreen banged the middle for 5 and Milan Dragicevich ran to the 31, but fumbled and GNK recovered at 6:27.

A middle run was an immediate first down, but a left side attempt was a loss of 2 with Dragicevich stopping. A pass over the middle was a first with Moonen having to tackle. Dragicevich hammered the back in the backfield for a loss of 2 and took care of middle run as well for 3rd-and-12. Szczyrbak was in the quarterback’s face on a solid pass rush and the Titans punted from the 46.

A pitch to Moonen was close to a first down and a hard count by Fossum got the Titans to jump offside for the first. A pass to Ike Pederson was just overthrown down the right side. Jon Evenson went left for 3rd-and-5 at 1:02. A pitch to Evenson was fumbled, but recovered for a first down. Moonen ran twice to end the first quarter at GNK 6, MLWR 0. Pettersen, on his 17th birthday, took a pitch left for the first down and a pass to Pederson was a first to the 25. A pass was behind Pederson on the right flat. Lovegreen hit the middle for a first. It was Evenson with a right pitch for a 14-yard TD. A counter to Moonen was good for the 2-point and the Rebels had an 8-6 lead at 10:36.

A short kick caused a mad scramble for the bouncing and rolling ball on the right side with Lovegreen and Adarius Hopkins up fast. A flag flew on a deep pass down the left middle to the 49 at 9:38 with Szczyrbak and Adamczak applying pressure. Moonen and Pettersen handled a run. A pass was incomplete and the Rebels declined a flag. A low liner of a punt went out at the 33 at 9:22.

A pass to Moonen was complete and Moonen ran right for 6 on the counter. Pettersen ran for a first to the 35. Fossum saw no one open so he simply tucked and ran left for a 35-yard stunner. Lovegreen’s 2-point plunge made it 16-6 at 7:38.

A short kick was taken across midfield. A middle run was tackled by Jacob Alberg and Leonard. A pass was incomplete down the right side with another big rush by Szczyrbak. Facing 4th-and-7 the Titans punted from the 46 to the 21 at 6:36.

Evenson hit the middle right for 8 and Moonen picked up the first. Pettersen ran the middle, but there was hold. Moonen ran the middle for 3. Pettersen took off on an electrifying 59-yard sprint for the TD. A nice little toss on a roll right was good to Pederson and the Rebels went up 24-6 at 3:34.

A short kick was returned to the 33. A middle run was mashed by Leonard. A quick out to the right side was handled by Jeremiah Chavez, Evenson and Szczyrbak and GNK called time. Leonard put a good rush on the punter and J.J. Sayler returned to the 45. Moonen took a right pitch for two. Fossum launched a beauty for Gerard and Gerard broke a tackle and raced for the end zone. Lovegreen was denied in the middle, but it was 30-6 Rebels at 1:32 until the break.

Szczyrbak, Adamczak and Bryceton Butkiewicz helped with the kick coverage. A middle run was allowed only yard by Chavez and Leonard. A middle run netted seven before Moonen stopped and a first down and a middle run ended the half with MLWR up by a big 30-6.

Adamczak covered a squib kick on the 34. Pettersen hit the middle for 4. Pettersen had what appeared to be a good run, but a hold brought it back to the 38. Pettersen ran the counter. On 3rd-and-4, Lovegreen blasted for a first to the 19 at 9:50. Moonen followed good blocks for 6. A pass down the right side was incomplete, plus a flag flew for another hold for 2nd-and-14. Pettersen ran left for 4. Fossum got hit just as he was about to throw and the fumble was returned for TD. Mitch Bonderson got the call for the 2-point and made it good for 30-14 at 8:01.

The Rebels would immediately answer as Pettersen sprinted 84 yards for a TD. The 2-point was no good, but MLWR was up 36-14 at 7:44.

The Titans went three-and-out, but the Rebels were called for a block in the back on the return. Moonen went to the middle for 4, but was held to just one on the next run, Fossum kept and was close to a first. Evenson took a right pitch for the first. Fossum went through the middle for a bunch, but it was called back on a hold. A pass to Moonen was good to the 22. Fossum tried to keep, but was dragged down for just two. Moonen broke free and ran to the 6. Lovegreen pounded the middle for the TD. Adamczak’s kick made it 43-14 at 2:40.

Facing 4th-and-long, GNK tried a fake punt, but the yard was not enough and the Rebels took over. Pettersen got big yards behind a fine block by Fossum and jumped over a would-be tackler all the way to the 15. Pettersen took a pass to the right side to the 9. Lovegreen got the first at the 4 and took to a half yard of paydirt. Pettersen went left and got inside the pylon for the TD. Adamczak missed wide left, but it was 49-14.

Butkiewicz kicked down middle and rolled it to the one yard line. Dragicevich and Moonen stopped. It was Gerard ripping one away and racing to the end zone for another touchdown. Adamczak was good on the kick to close out the scoring at 8:12 as the Rebels had scored the most points of the season, trouncing the Greenway-Nashwauk-Keewatin Titans 56-14.


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