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By Al Rose
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Rebels down Bombers


Dan Lingle

Rebel teammates work together to block a Bomber spike.

The Moose Lake-Willow River Rebels volleyball team downed the Barnum Bombers in three straight games in Moose Lake on Thursday, September 12. The game scores were 25-21, 25-20 and 25-16.

Head Coach Becky Jackson, with her team now at 3-1 on the regular season and at 5-3, including tournament play, provided the following statistics: Karina Cisar had seven kills, Adri Jusczak had six kills. Nikki Grutkoski put up 11 set assists. The Rebels served 91 percent as a team Kayla Radel had three service aces. The Rebels had 10 aces as a team. Haley Johnson was credited with eight digs. The Rebels had 10 total blocks. Cisar and Jusczak provided three solo blocks each.

Lauren Hultgren started on serve for the Bombers, but erred. Grutkoski and Johnson each dug, Jusczak killed off a block and Grutkoski aced. Jusczak carried and Grutkoski dug on a long volley, but the point went to Barnum. Megan Nelson dug for 3-3 before Cisar killed and Jusczak blocked. Rebel Andrea Youngberg netted an attempt, but Jusczak killed for 6-4. Cisar netted a jump serve attempt. Johnson and Nelson each dug well and Radel tipped for 7-5. Lauren Ross rotated in to serve and Hultgren hit wide. Radel netted an attempt and Youngberg hit long for 8-7, Bombers.

Johnson hit long from the middle, but Rebel Jodi Michalski made a smart push to the side for 9-8. Michalski netted an attempt, but Bomber MJ Anderson erred on serve and Barnum carried as they were blocked. A dig by Youngberg was not passed and MLWR was up 12-9. As Nelson netted an attempt the Bombers called time, down 13-9.

Bomber Daron Mainville tipped for 10-13, but Michalski answered with a kill for 14-10. Bomber Peyton Bushey tipped off a block and Radel blocked for 15-11 before Youngberg hit long. Mainville erred on serve and Youngberg tipped. Jusczak had a bump fall. Sage Miletich and Nelson each made nice digs for Barnum and Anderson killed for 14-18. Miletich dug and Anderson ripped a cross court kill. Four hits was the call after a tough serve by Ross for 20-14.

Anderson killed off a block, but Nelson netted an attempt. As Michalski killed off a block, Barnum called time, down 15-22. Alexis Kettelhut tipped, as did Mainville, for 17-22, and Anderson aced. Michalski missed a tip and Barnum was down just 19-22. Nelson hit a cross attempt wide and Cisar tipped for 24-19. Mainville tipped for 24-20. The Rebels miscommunicated on a pass for 21-24, but a Barnum service error ended it 25-21, Rebels.

Grutkoski started game two on serve, but erred and Hultgren aced. Cisar tipped and Jusczak blocked. Nelson erred and Jusczak tipped for 3-3 before Barnum blew a pass and Radel blocked for 5-3. Olivia Angell's hit was called a touch on MLWR, but Youngberg laced a cross courter for 6-4 before Ross erred on serve. Michalski and Radel combined on block. Bomber Brooke Kinsman erred on serve for 7-6.

Johnson and Miletich each dug and Anderson netted a kill attempt. Michalski’s soft poke was not passed. Anderson killed for 8-8, but Angell erred on serve and Hultgren netted a kill attempt as did Anderson. Radel aced. Angell and Cisar each made good digs. Rebel Dana Olson dug and then buzzed a kill for 14-8.

Olson tipped, but Hultgren pushed before Anderson erred on serve. A Rebel hit was just wide. Cisar traded a winner for a wide hit for 11-17. Miletich dug and Angell got a big kill for 12-17, but Nelson erred. Angell hit a kill and Anderson killed off a double block as Barnum bounced back to 14-18.

Mainville erred on serve and Ross aced for 20-14. Michalski hit long and Anderson killed for 16-20, but Kinsman erred. Barnum failed to effectively pass a good serve by Youngberg, but the Rebels also blew a pass for 17-22. Youngberg netted a kill attempt, but Anderson hit long for 23-18 and Barnum called time out.

The Bombers again struggled to pass, but Anderson's hot kill made it 19-24 and a smart tip by Mainville took it 20-24. It was Cisar ripping a kill for the 25-20 win as MLWR went up two games to none.

Cisar hit long but followed with a kill. As Anderson netted an attempt, it was 2-1, Rebels. Cisar netted and so did Jusczak. Barnum bumped into the ceiling and blew a pass off a strong serve by Olson. Cisar killed and Barnum pushed wide for 6-3. Anderson crushed one through a double block for 4-6 but then netted her serve. Cisar tried the jump serve but erred. Jusczak blocked and Mainville returned the favor for 8-6. Ross tipped for 9-6. Mainville followed with two aces for 9-9 before an error. Cisar killed for 11-9.

With Anderson netting an attempt and two bad service returns, MLWR went up 14-9 before Anderson killed for 10-14. Cisar netted an attempt, but Kettelhut erred for 15-11, Rebels. A bad pass and a Jusczak kill took it to 17-11 and Barnum called time. Nelson killed and Jusczak mistimed a leap. Angell erred and although Olson aced, she erred for 20-13. Anderson erred for 21-13 and Jusczak killed for 22-13.

A tough jumper by Cisar was not passed, but Anderson tore a cross courter for 14-23 and Hultgren aced for 15-23. Anderson netted an attempt for 24-15, but Mainville killed. A service error ended the game and the match at 25-16 as the Rebels swept the Bombers 3-0.


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