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By Eddie Pelkey
Moose Lake Star-Gazette 

Weary of all clouds and no rain

Escape with Eddie


Clouds! Clouds! Where’s the raindrops? For days now, I’ve been pretending those fluffy white things floating through the sky have something in them besides hot air. Yet, no rain. To add insult to injury, high humidity and hot, hot days.

One of my favorite summer pastimes is watching clouds and imagining animals gamboling through the blue sky.

I love blue skies, don’t get me wrong. Thirty days of cloudy skies gets me down.

However, every evening I hear the weatherman predicting 30% chance of rain. What happens? Nothing!

I am raising a small Tomato patch on my back deck. I keep hoping for some moisture from above.

No such thing is happening. So, every day I have to chug gallons of water out to the deck for my thirsty plants.

Do you know how much water one of those plants drink every day? A gallon. Then they lift their leaves and ask me please, for seconds.

The news brings no news. "We may get a little rain on Monday.” Then, to heat up the summer a little more, there’s talk of racism and reverse racism.

Reverse racism? Am I goofy or what? To me racism is racism, no matter what direction it takes. Oh well, there’s nothing like a dry tinderbox atmosphere to set the fire.

Our grass has gone dormant. One thing we don’t do its water the grass. The gardens get moisture from a soaker hose and the trellis gets a visit from Donald and his tractor/trailer yard vehicle.

He hauls a five gallon bucket he engineered to water the fruit trees and little pine trees. As things get dryer around here everybody is in a slump.

I have a dog and various cats laying flat on the floor. No tongues are hanging out yet, but we’re getting close. Don even went to the basement for his nap. It is cool down there.

It’s times like this when we make use of our 500 gallon rain barrel.

Donald erected this mammoth tank with the express idea of watering when there wasn’t enough rain. He made a number of trips around the yard yesterday delivering water to thirsty customers.

I’m spending a lot of time on the two decks. Mornings are time to be on the East deck, lovingly called the “Roost!”

Actually, I am not quite sure how it got this name. I suppose it had something to do with the hen who used to come up here to be fed raisins.

She was a consummate beggar. We called her “Speckles”.

Early morning offers a leafy, shadowed refuge from the heat.

It isn’t just people who lounge out there. The dog and cats find it a wonderful place for a morning snooze.

The back deck is for late afternoons and evenings. This deck gives a view of the swamp willows and Pine trees in the windbreak.

When there is a breeze, each of these places offer respite from the blazing sun.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the sun. I just want the rain god to pay a visit for a couple of days.

Maybe I need to spend time in the Medicine Wheel and promise that I won’t resent cloudy weather anymore.


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