By Lois E. Johnson
Moose Lake Star-Gazette 

Halvorson sentenced for possession of drugs


Lyle Halverson of Moose Lake has been sentenced to begin a six-month jail sentence on Sept. 11 for the Possession of Drugs in the Fifth Degree. The sentence will begin after a review hearing.

Halverson was charged with Felony Theft and Controlled Substance in the Fifth Degree, after a person complained that prescription drugs were missing from his supply. A Felony Theft charge was dismissed when he was sentenced on May 20.

Moose Lake Police Chief Bryce Bogenholm wrote in a complaint that on Jan. 7, that he received a report from a victim that he believed that Lyle Halverson, 50, was possibly stealing Oxycodone pills from his residence.

“The victim reported to Moose Lake Law Enforcement that he is a cancer patient and, as part of his treatment, is prescribed Oxycodone,” it was stated in the complaint.

“The victim reported that he has noticed vast quantities of his pills missing in the recent past.

"The victim suspected that the defendant might be stealing some of his Oxycodone pills as he is a close friend and has access to his house.

"Chief Bogenholm then went to visit the defendant and asked about the missing pills. The defendant admitted to Chief Bogenholm that he has a key to his friend’s residence, as they are friends.

"The defendant also admitted that he would steal 10 Oxycodone pills at a time for a back condition. The defendant stated that he does not have insurance and is in a great deal of pain and requires the medication.

“The defendant led Chief Bogenholm to his house and produced the 10 Oxycodone pills the defendant admitted to recently stealing from the victim.

"The defendant did not have a prescription to possess said medications. The defendant did admit to stealing the medication from the victim as he did not have consent to take them.

"The defendant also produced a key to the residence and gave that to Chief Bogenholm. The defendant admitted that he had stolen Oxycodone pills in the past."

Halverson was placed on probation for three years. The conditions of probation are that he follow all instructions of probation, sign the probation agreement, no alcohol or controlled substance abuse, no possession of alcohol or drugs, random testing, complete chemical assessment, aftercare, no same or similar offenses, comply with confinement alternative program and to pay restitution by the last business day in June 2013.

Halverson must also attend and complete a chemical dependency evaluation for an indeterminate period.


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