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By David Anderson
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Ponder this from the weatherman


It's hoped the weather archives will become more accurate now that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has closed around 600 of the nearly 9,000 weather stations across the country.

During the past two years, it was discovered that those 600 stations were recording unnaturally high temps by being too close to heat sinks like parking lots.

Climate change skeptics shouldn't get too excited, though; with the skewed data, temps over the last three decades were up 1.7 degrees. Recalculated with "pure" data, the number is still up 1.1 degree.

For the short term, though, the first 7 months of this year has had four cool months and three warm ones according to data from stations in Duluth, Minneapolis, Saint Cloud and International Falls.The range has gone from five degrees cooler than normal in April to two degrees warmer than normal in July.

The August just departed turned out to be very pleasant overall but a little cooler than normal to start and awfully warm at the end and a lot dryer than normal.

That should change in September. It should average two degrees warmer than the normal of 59 and two more inches than the normal three of rain should fall.

Northland Septembers have gone from the coldest in history in 1974 to the warmest in history in 1897. The wettest was 1881 with 11.5 inches. Looks like that record will hold on another year since we're "only" expecting five this year!

September 1st to the 7th should be sunny and warm after some early week showers. The 8th to the 13th could be warm enough to trigger late season thunderstorms.

The 14th to the 24th should be rainy and warm. The 25th to the 30th will offer a change of pace: still showery, yes, but cooler than normal.

A sign of a cold fall and or winter? Maybe, because the Old Farmers Almanac just predicted a colder than normal winter. Maybe that August heat wave wasn't so bad?


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