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By Wick Fisher
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Wick dreams of Viking training

Wick’s World


August 15, 2013

For a brief moment last week, Adrian Peterson appeared to be fighting for his job. After coming off a spectacular season as the NFL’s MVP (Most Valuable Player), Peterson had to put out his best effort yet as a Viking if he was to continue his quest to be the premier running back of the decade.

Last Wednesday, 66 year-old former running back for the Chamberlain Cubs, Wick Fisher, donned Peterson’s number 28 jersey and shocked the Mankato crowd, the longtime home of the Vikings training camp.

On his first play from scrimmage, Fisher ran the length of the field, totally untouched by the defense.

Upon reaching the end zone, the visibly exhausted Fisher spiked the football, pointed to the heavens to thank God and collapsed.

As he was being carted off the field on a stretcher, he couldn’t help but notice the entire defensive team doubled up and rolling around on the ground holding their stomachs. They were obviously aching from spasmodic laughter.

The entire play following the handoff from quarterback Christian Ponder to running back Wick Fisher’s 60-yard run from scrimmage mysteriously erased two minutes and fifty seconds off the time clock.

After being rushed to the nearest hospital by ambulance, an anonymous source for the Vikings commented, “Wick Fisher’s status is listed as day to day.”

A reporter queried “Does that mean Fisher might actually make the team?”

“No” replied the spokesman. “I’m referring to his life.”

Fisher was soon released from the hospital with doctor’s orders to “take it easy.”

He returned to training camp, sat down with his friend Chris, and guzzled a few beers.

By lunch time, the pair found their way around town, eventually landing at El Mazatlan, one of the finest Mexican Restaurants in the area. The food was authentic, plentiful and quite inexpensive.

Practice resumed later that afternoon finding Fisher and friend Chris sitting in the bleachers watching much younger players fighting for a spot on 2013’s version of the Minnesota Vikings. After a remarkable finish last season that put the Vikings in the playoffs, according to defensive star Jered Allen, the goal has been raised this year. Simply making the playoffs no longer cuts it.

“We need to win our division this year in order to gain home field advantage in the playoffs.” Allen stated.

For the Vikings, the home field will be the last time ever for that architectural wonder, the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome.

Following the dome’s scheduled demise early next year to make way for Ziggy Wilf’s mostly taxpayer funded billion-dollar stadium, perhaps Humphrey will finally stop rolling over in his grave from the humility of having his name associated with possibly the worst designed sports stadium in history.

Coach Leslie Frazier was asked how he thought the Vikings would do this year in light of the fact that they sacrificed one home game to play in London, England.

They also face a much tougher schedule this season. You need to remember that last year’s soft schedule was the result of the Viking’s coming off a 3-13 record the previous year.

“Yes, I am aware that we are facing a much tougher schedule and also we will lose home field advantage for the game played in London,” Frazier stated. “However, I think it all boils down to one factor. Is Wick Fisher for real or not?”


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