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By Colette Stadin
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A month to go, nesting begins

From the Editor



— n

The tendency to arrange one’s immediate surroundings, such as a work station, to create a place where one feels secure, comfortable, or in control.

Yep, I’m nesting.

In addition to the above definition, I’d like to add “prepared.”

I’m eight months pregnant and I can’t shake this urge to clean, organize, do laundry and organize some more — though my house doesn’t show it. I feel this need to be prepared for the little one that will soon become a part of our household.

Though I thoroughly enjoy the experience of carrying a child (this is my third), I’m getting to the point where I can’t wait for delivery day. I’m uncomfortable. I don’t wear shoes with laces (only slip-ons, please) and painting my toenails will likely not happen unless I have some assistance. It’s harder to breath, walk, get up, sleep, the list goes on.

Don’t get me wrong, pregnancy is amazing. After all, I’m responsible for a tiny life — with all the reassuring kicks and punches to the ribs and bladder letting me know everything is going as it should.

With our first two children, my husband, Paul, and I decided we just had to know if we were having a boy or girl. Well, first we had our son, Sam, who is now 10 years old. Next was our daughter, Grace, now 6. This time around, we are choosing to be surprised.

In life, it seems you don’t get an awful lot of good surprises. This, I think, will be one of the best surprises a person can get. Boy or girl, we’re happy.

With such a large gap in ages, we’re hoping our older two will be our little helpers — nothing major, just diaper fetchers and baby distracters.

I know they’ll have their moments. Adding one more to the family means a little less time with Mom and Dad. But, overall, I know they’ll be proud and protective older siblings. I’ve got some good kids and I have no doubt this one will be, too.

Since our children are older and have a decent grasp of what’s happening, we decided they should be the first to find out if they have a little brother or sister. Our plan is to have both pink and blue shirts for them. When the baby is born, a nurse will get Sam and Grace and have them put on the appropriate shirt. Then, off to the waiting room they go to spread the news to everyone else. I sure hope someone has a camera ready.

Now, all we need to do is agree on names. We could always go the celebrity route, name the little one something like Apple, but, for some strange reason, that’s not so appealing to me. Or, I could follow my sister’s wishes when we were children, to name our younger brother Hay Bale. Now that would have been something. Imagine the confusion that would have caused. “Excuse me? I didn’t hear you right. Say the name again.”

In addition to preparing my home and family for the arrival of our new baby, I’m also feeling the urge at work. I have a notebook full of notes for my fill-in. I’ll be out of the office for about a month — the longest time not working since I had my son.

The paper will be printed without me, though I have a hard time entertaining that idea. My fill-in will do an amazing job I’m sure. The rest of the office staff will be increasing their workloads while I’m gone as well. I couldn’t be more appreciative of the people I work with.

So, now I’ll keep preparing for the baby’s arrival and say my prayers everything goes as planned and we have a healthy baby boy, girl or hay bale.


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