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By Al Rose
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Disterhaupt - basketball dunks, track records


Dan Lingle

Moose Lake-Willow River Rebel Jake Disterhaupt takes to the air for a shot against the Braham Bombers January 29.

Moose Lake-Willow River Rebel Jake Disterhaupt, at 6 foot even, could easily dunk a basketball and he had plenty of speed to smash the school record in the 200-meter dash. Disterhaupt was also a good student, balancing his outstanding performances on the field, court and track and earning a 3.88 his senior year.

Disterhaupt, with about a half dozen dunks his senior season, talked about basketball. “I played it since third grade,” he said. “I remember Tony Adamczak was always one of the best ones on the team. A funniest memory comes from the eighth grade. John Zinter shot a free that didn’t even make it half way to the hoop. A tough memory comes from when we were up against Virginia in the section finals. I believe it was a game that we should have won. We took three point shots that were just not going in and we kept taking them and wound up with an awful percentage. We should have been going inside to Taylor Mattison. Tyler Vaughn from Braham was super good. Cavin Stackpool from Virginia would be another player that stands out. Vaughn was a great passer. Braham was always a very good basketball team. They have tradition; almost the kind of tradition we had in football, but we made it to the state championship my last two years. Our coach, Neil Dickenson, is a very good coach. He’s a great guy. He came in under some very tough conditions with a lot of mad parents after the previous coach was let go. I was able to average 9.5 points per game and 5.2 rebounds per game, but Taylor Mattison, Trevor Nummela and Tony Adamczak were the players on our team that stand out to me. There was another player who I think was good and didn’t get his full shot that he deserved and that is John Zinter. He’s going to Fond du Lac. Taylor’s at UWS. We put out quite a few very good basketball players and I think a lot of that is due to Neil Dickenson. I again give him props for stepping into a tough spot. Randy Ketchum also deserves credit. He’s in the gym every day and sets up so much summer league stuff.

Disterhaupt had some ideas about the Moose Lake-Willow River consolidation of sports. “I think it’s the reason we’re so close,” he stated. “It’s almost as if we are not separate anymore. I’d say it gets rid of most of the segregation.”

Disterhaupt talked about track and field. “I came back from a hamstring injury and was in the 100-meter dash with a kid that won and was close to him,” he explained. “That was this year. He broke our school record, so I believe if I could have kept sprinting this senior season I would have broken that record.” Disterhaupt ran a 11.11 his junior year with limited attempts in the short race. The school record stands at 10.86. Disterhaupt did break the 200-meter record his junior year as he blazed off a 22.3.

"The best track runner I ran against was David Scott from Hinckley. Beating him was a memory and going to State in the 200-meter dash and as a member of our record-breaking (1:31.61) 800-meter relay and the record-breaking 1,600-meter relay (3:27.05) are great memories. The greatest memory though has to be beating Esko for the boys team title in 2012 at the section meet. I don’t think that a Rebel team had ever done that. And we were five or six points from taking home a third place plaque in the boys’ team competition. Last year’s team was so good with Michael Pender, Isaac Coil, Josh Cisar and Ben Moonen. And John Zinter and Coil got us points in the triple jump and Jon Evenson was a very good long jumper. I think he has a very good chance of beating that long standing record of 20' 11 7/8" inches in the long jump.

“It was interesting how we got together. We just kind of said, ‘Let’s give track a try.’ Plus we had Tony Andres as coach and he’s a great guy, knowledgeable and so much fun. Beyond the 200-meter and the relays, we broke records in the 400-meter dash (Josh Cisar) and the 800-meter run (Ben Moonen). This year Nicole Tekippe broke the girls' 1,600 and 3,200-meter run records. We came very close last year, two or three times, to the 400-meter relay record. I was able to clear six feet in the high jump. I wanted to tie or break the 6' 2" record in the event and believed I could, but just couldn’t get past that mental aspect of going over six feet. Andres has a lot to do with this. He knows his stuff and he makes you want to work hard. He’s got good coaching abilities besides just being fun to be around. He was our senior class advisor," said Disterhaupt.

With his speed, leaping ability, drive, determination and fun-loving, free-spirited attitude, Disterhaupt should be a great asset for the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux as a safety and kick returner.


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