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Vehicle stolen in Moose Lake


Moose Lake police are searching for a white 2010 Chrysler Town and County van stolen from the property of C. Michael and Julie Peterson during the night of Monday, May 27, or early on Tuesday, May 28. The van had firefighter plates, with a red fire emblem.

Two bicycles were found near the scene of the theft. One bike is a Trek and the other is a Diamondback.

The ceremonial rifles used in the Memorial Day program at the Veteran’s Park earlier in the day were still in the van.

“These rifles are just lent to us by the federal government,” said Mike Peterson in a telephone interview. “This is very serious. It would be better if the thieves turned themselves in; it would go easier on them. A bad decision one night could result in ruining their whole lives.”

Peterson said that the M-1 rifles can be distinguished by the shiny stocks.

“Normally, they have oil on the stocks,” Peterson explained. “The oil would rub off on our white gloves. I boiled the oil out and put a finish on the stocks.

“We also have the serial numbers of the guns, and those serial numbers are in a federal data bank and are available from anywhere in the country.”

To report any information about the theft, call the Moose Lake Police Department at (218) 485-8404.


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