By Superintendent Robert Indihar
Moose Lake Community Schools 

Time to refocus efforts to meet facility needs


The Moose Lake school building bond issue went down by 492 votes. After many discussions and community meetings on the bond, I believe that the main issue we have is the tax impact.

A goal for the coming year will be to increase our effort to decrease the tax impact to our citizens. We will be working hard at the capitol to let people know about the inequity in what our citizens have to pay. We will also continue to try to develop our land on Hwy 73 to increase our tax base. Finally, we will re-evaluate our options with regards to this facility.

My hope is that people who voted no will work with us to make the changes necessary for an equitable taxation of our citizens. This could mean giving constructive input on future committees or providing support at the capitol to change how we get taxed. Our facility needs did not go away with the defeat of the bond. We will still need to find fiscally sound ways to deal with our aging infrastructure.

I wanted to address an issue that I believe there was a misconception on. People ask “Why did you let the school get run down?” The answer is that we did not let the building get run down. It is in good shape for the age that it is. It is just getting to the age where in the near future we will need to address major infrastructure issues. Examples are: wiring, plumbing, roofing, sidewalk, and ventilation. To improve safety, we would need to redo the front of the high school to make one entrance into the building. These are all big-ticket items that we would need to go to the public to help pay for. We have and we will continue to fix up the building as needed.

We appreciate the efforts of all people who helped with this building bond. If you learn from defeat, you haven’t really lost. We need to take what we learned in this bond and see if we can use it to refocus our efforts to meet our facility needs. We will continue to listen to the community and find solutions that will produce growth in our school and community.


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