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Fake FedEx emails appearing in inboxes


Emails sent to unwary computer users have been causing confusion in the area since January.

According to a notice to Beware of email Scams, it stated:

“If you should get an email from FedEx saying something like, ‘Your parcel arrived on February 1. Courier was unable to deliver the parcel to you on February 1 at 05:54 p.m. To receive your parcel please print this receipt and go to the nearest office.’

“It will have a ‘Print receipt box.’

“DO NOT print it.

“You can forward the email to

“You can also check the tracking number on the FedEx website to see if it is legitimate.

“To see an example of the email go to”

“People have driven in from as far away as Bruno,” said Verlena Jones, owner of Parcels Shipping in Moose Lake. “They have their printed label in hand.”

Jason Haukland, Technical Support Specialist at Moose Tec in Moose Lake, said that the scammers are trying to infect computers with viruses though those kinds of emails.

“There are others out there too,” he said. “Some look like they are from UPS and other shipping companies, while others are from banks, such as the Bank of America. They try to make it look as official as possible.

“When you open the emails, they can infect the computer with a virus. I’ve dealt with a few of those viruses.”

Haukland said that both private users and businesses are vulnerable to the scam emails.

“Be very wary of what you open,” he warned. “If you receive such an email, delete it. You can also block it in the email program but that doesn’t always work. The scammers will change the address.”

Haukland said that he can disinfect the computer if it has been infected by a virus. Call Haukland at (218) 485-3573 for more information.


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