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Take care of our country first

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I have worked very hard to stay on top of things for the upcoming spring. By nature, I am somewhat of a procrastinator, but this year I’ve started a new trend. I am keeping up with my various jobs, hobbies and commitments. In other words, I’m doing things in a timely fashion.

I have even been paying attention to the TV programs Donald is watching. Every day, I hear the Wall Street sages discuss what is happening in the USA at large. First, there is always the discussion of the political arena. Nothing gets the economic blood moving like a discussion of politics and politicos. After all, they’re spending our money in the great headquarters in Washington. No one has come up with any solutions, because … guess what? They won’t be popular anymore and they might could get voted out of office.

Lawsy me! I sometimes think it will take us senior citizens to solve the Washington dilemma. We all seem to understand that the age of retirement and going on Social Security and Medicare must be raised. It is common sense. We are living longer, healthier lives. People are working into their 80s for gosh sakes! Don’t those congressmen and women get it? Yes, I believe they do, but not one of them will jeopardize their cushy jobs in Washington to vote for change. I sure would like to see some honesty up there. What does it say for us that we are all being taken for a financial ride and not blasting that goofy Washington mind-set out of the water? Good grief! We do need an act of congress to get our elected officials to actually do their jobs. I think they should not get paid, including our president, unless they balance the budget and start listening to each other. I, for one, am sick to death of hearing how we need to cut the spending, but then no one does a thing about it. They all need to be fired. If we were the owners of a company, and the folks we hired were squandering our money, they would soon be out of a job.

The fact of the matter is simple, we are the boss. It is time to begin writing our congressmen and women and demanding they sit down and hammer out some solutions in a bipartisan manner, or maybe we do need to fire them. I don’t care if it’s a Republican or Democrat, Green or Communist — we need some action out there. All this baloney about cutting taxes for the middle class is a joke. As I have said many times, I do not have an issue with paying taxes. I do have an issue with how they are being spent. I also have come to the conclusion that supplying Egypt with air power is kind of stupid. Will we be arming Al-Qaeda next? I would like to see our money spent at home. Perhaps I am not worldly enough, but it seems to me the more money we give to foreign powers, the more they seem to abuse our generosity. Do Iraq and Afghanistan come to mind? Our troops have given their blood, sweat, and tears for these countries, but do we get thanks? Yet on the news we see our military personnel being persecuted. Enough!

We have hungry people in our own country. We have major health care issues, which are costing trillions. We have homeless families and children going without meals. I believe that our nation has to say, “Charity begins at home!” We need to pay our bills, get our house in order, and then maybe send some money overseas.

So along with your tax return, send your demands to those employees of ours in Washington. We need results.


Reader Comments

oldfriend writes:

Amen. I have always thought we should take care of our home country first. We have so many people in dire straights here, homeless and hungry kids and elderly. Maybe politicians should take the mandatory bullying class kids in school take so all can play nice in the sandbox.


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