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Burglars reported in area, TRIAD learns


A suspected burglar was arrested in Moose Lake recently, Moose Lake Police Chief Bryce Bogenholm reported to the Carlton County TRIAD group at a meeting in Cromwell on March 6.

“One of the officers stopped a suspicious vehicle for equipment violations that had been lurking around Moose Lake,” he told the group. “The driver had a pry bar in his pants and burglary tools in his vehicle. He also had a notebook with notes about various places in the region.”

Chief Bogenholm said that the person was arrested and taken to jail. However, he made bail and was out shortly after. The man was from Beltrami County, located south of Lake of the Woods.

Carlton County Sheriff Kelly Lake told the group that there are burglars that drive around and look for likely places to burglarize.

“They will knock on the door and say that they are looking for directions or give some other lame story,” she said. “Get a description of the car and license number and call 911.”

Sheriff Lake told about a homeowner in Esko that caught a burglar in his home. She said that the homeowner was over six feet tall and in good physical shape. He struggled with the burglar and was able to hold him down long enough to call 911 and until the squad cars arrived.

“The burglar had been up on the Iron Range the day before and stole someone’s license plate and put it on his car,” she reported. “They drive around, and they often have a long history of burglaries. I wouldn’t advise people to hold off a person. Most of the time they are not there with the intent of hurting someone but it may not be good.”

One of the members said that she had heard that people should keep a can of wasp spray near each door, and also in the kitchen, laundry room and bedroom. The can shoots 20 feet and could stop someone.

Chief Bogenholm also reported about another case where a vehicle was stopped.

It was a couple coming from the methadone clinic.

“It was a male driver and a female passenger,” he said. “They were from Cloquet and said that they were going to Aitkin to get snowmobile parts.

“In checking into it further, I found out that she had been picked up the week before. I found a locked box on the back seat with that day’s date on it. The clinic uses lock boxes to send home doses.”

Chief Bogenholm added that when people get a dose of methadone in them, they are higher than a kite. He told the group if they see someone driving erratically and crossing the center line to call 911.

There was further discussion about people going to the methadone clinic in Brainerd because the clinic in Duluth was still closed.

Several members spoke about fellow senior citizens that are volunteer drivers for people that need to go to the methadone clinic. Each driver is only allowed to take one passenger, according to regulations.

Sheriff Lake reported that the Sheriff’s Office continues to be very busy. At that time, 21 people had been boarded out to other jails. She said that they often have to deal with complex medical cases.

“Eighty-five percent of the people in jail have some chemical issue,” she added.

Sheriff Lake recently attended the meeting of the Minnesota TRIAD in Sartell, and she told about tips for seniors.

One suggestion was to carry sand in a shaker bottle, such as from coffee creamer or carpet freshener, in the car to sprinkle where it is icy when getting out of the car.

Another was crocheted cell phone holders to hang from a person’s neck to hold a cell phone when a person walks out to get the mail and falls. Cell phones need not be connected to a service to be able to call 911, she said. There are programs that distribute used cell phones to seniors and others for emergency use. Chief Bogenholm said that he thought that Mercy Hospital had such a program.

There was also a list for a winter survival kit to carry in the car.

Sheriff Lake said that TRIAD groups in other areas are talking about having drop boxes for a short time to collect unwanted medications. Although there are drop boxes in Carlton County, there is thought about holding occasional collections with drive-up service.

The event could be held in conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Take Back Day on April 29.

Plans are continuing to be developed for a unified Yellow Dot program, where medical information about the occupants could be printed on cards and placed in vehicles, wallets or purses, or in homes in the event of an emergency. A Yellow Dot on the window would indicate that the medical information about the person or persons was inside.

The members of the group spoke about the various scams that they had been experiencing.

There have been calls from an environmental company in Carlton where a survey is taken and prizes are offered.

Another call was from someone telling the person that he owed $60 on his Discover card.

The person called did not have a Discover card.

Other people reported that they have received calls from a company where they are trying to have a representative come to the home and sell an air purifier or a whole-house sanitizing system.

Sheriff Lake said that she was a victim of credit card fraud. She caught it when she looked at her statement and saw that over $600 in charges had been added. She called the fraud department for the card and reported it. She had to fill out paperwork but the charges were taken off of her account.

A pancake breakfast will be held on Friday, April 12, at the Barnum Senior Citizens Center as a fundraiser for the Carlton County TRIAD.

The pancake breakfast is $3 per person, and is held from 8:30 to 10 a.m. The TRIAD meeting begins at 10 a.m. at the same location. The breakfast is sponsored by the Lighthouse of Barnum and Cloquet.

The elders group at the Fond du Lac Reservation has invited the TRIAD group to come to the tribal center on Friday, May 10, at 10 a.m. A speaker will talk about identity theft and financial concerns.

For more information about TRIAD, a group of senior citizens and law enforcement working together to help prevent crimes against senior citizens, call Sheriff Lake at (218) 384-3236 or Chief Bogenholm at (218) 485-8404.


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