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It's 1040 time again

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I have never been able to figure out how time works. The seasons were enjoy seem to inch their way here, while those experiences we don’t like appear faster and faster. For example, Christmas seems to have 10-year periods between the holidays, while tax season is here habitually every month or so, instead of once a year. Of course, there are those withholding deductions that occur with regularity, which makes tax season an everyday occurance.

The interesting thing about April 15 is that all our tax dollars seem to be falling into a bottomless pit of debt. We keep hearing about how Congress and the White House are not making any decisions about our tax dollars, except to play political games involving party politics. Meanwhile, those of us on the ranch are watching the cattle scatter and the crops go to dust.

What I cannot understand is why we don’t just let them know emphatically, "You will not be paid your salary until you do your job." In English this means talk to one another, listen to one another, and hammer out some reasonable agreement. Yes, we need tax dollars to pay the bills, but we cannot keep spending. Does anybody understand plain English in Washington?

I’m scheduled to have my taxes done shortly. We pay our taxes every year. This year, due to the June flooding, we have had significant financial loss. We still have to face the reality of filing our taxes. Why can’t our elected officials come to an agreement on how to use these dollars? For all the talk of cutting budgets, it seems no politician on either side of the aisle wants those cuts to happen in their backyard. Heavens no! I might not get elected if cuts are made in my constituency. So, I ask, where are these cuts going to occur?

I also do not understand what the big fear is about. In reality, there has to be changes made in Social Security and Medicare. The age limit for retirement must be raised. People are living longer and healthier lives. It is just common sense to accept that the age of retirement needs to be raised to 70 or so. At 74, I am still leading a productive life, even though my writing career is not full time. Most retirees I know are happily engaged in gainful work for pay, or are up to their collective ears in volunteer work.

All of us happily or unhappily file our taxes every April 15. What we want and are demanding is that our payments are respected as part of the government income. Because we are faithful Americans, we want to know our money is being applied wisely.

It is not too much to ask of our elected officials to be fiscally wise. Unfortunately, over many generations of politics as usual, our input has been ignored and our monies squandered.

Shame on them for failure to do their job. Shame on us for continuing to elect these same people year after year, decade after decade. It appears the only way to force change is to begin eviction procedures against all of them. I think there needs to be term limits for Congress, the same as for President, eight years or two terms. At least by doing that we can clean house periodically and get the same old, same old out of there. I don’t know about all of you out there, but I’ll bet you’re just as fed up as I am about this indecisive mess in Washington.

Well, here it is, tax time again, and nothing is new on the political horizon except for, thank you very much, we promise we’ll take good care of your money.

I say, write your Congressman, every American citizen, and demand change. No change, no reelection. Simple, but effective.


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