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McDonald's likely coming to Moose


At the regular meeting fo the Moose Lake City Council on February 13, City Attorney Marguerite Doran presented a purchase agreement between the City of Moose Lake and Moose Lake School District for a 24 acre parcel of land fronting on Highway 73. A purchase price of $100,000 was agreed as the selling price.

The plan is for the land to be purchased by Land & Lease Development, LLC to begin development of the 24 acres. Land and Lease Development, LLC plans to begin groundbreaking for a McDonald’s franchise by March 2013, with plans to open by this coming fall. The McDonald’s is expected to offer employment to 60 personnel.

The city will develop a purchase agreement with Land and Lease Development, LLC that must be completed by February 28 or the original purchase agreement between the city and the school district will be void.

The council approved sale of the land from the Moose Lake School District to the city of Moose Lake. The council then approved the sale of the land to Land and Lease Development.

Flood update

A flood update was given by Moose Lake Police Department Flood Manager Tom Paull. Paull reported on the use of Flood Mitigation Funds from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR). It was determined at the January council meeting that only homesteaded properties will be accepted for DNR Mitigation Funds. Non-homesteaded property owners were in attendance and requested the council reconsider allowing non-homesteaded property in Moose Lake to be eligible. They cited financial hardship as a result of the flood, and also pointed out they had previously been approved for the funds. Their request was voted by the council members, two for and two against. The motion for reconsideration was turned down.

City administrator search

The search for a new city administrator has resulted in 57 applicants. Springstead, Inc., the company assisting with the search, has narrowed the number to 16. Council members will review the resumes and narrow the selection to five or six finalists. Candidate presentation to the city council will take place on March 6 at 5 p.m. in the Council Chambers.

Other business

The council approved the purchase of a plow truck for the price of $39,009.75.

The council approved a resolution in support of the city of Moose Lake’s application to the Minnesota Deparment of Transportation for a Safe Routes to School infrastructure grant. The grant application will specify routes, which include :

– Birch Ave. from the North Road to school, connecting to existing sidewalk on school access across from 5th St., $161,000.

– 5th St., Arrowhead Lane to Douglas, $25,000.

– Widen existing sidewalk across front of school, $13,200.

– Bicycle/walking path to formalize route, $12,225.

– Cedar Ave., 3rd St. to 4th St., $22,000.

– 1st St., replace existing damaged concrete; $5,600.

Moose Lake Police Chief Bryce Bogenholm presented a request for the purchase of a new Dodge police package four door pickup for a squad. He pointed out that many of the departments are going to this type of vehicle as it is four-wheel drive and has a number of uses. He also requested a new camera for the squad car. The new camera has the ability to burn DVDs in the car instead of downloading them on a computer. The State Patrol and the Carlton County Sheriff’s Department are using these cameras and they are working well for them. The squad package and camera request were approved by the council.

The next Moose Lake City Council meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 13, at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers.


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